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Hockey Wives: Season Two Part Two Premier

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Bree is away this week, so here is a blow-by-blow recap of this week's Hockey Wives episode with all my eye-rolling included.

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This episode started off with Maripier Morin talking about working and her fiance, Brandon Prust, moving for the season shortly. She is emotional about the fact they will not be living together this season. She is sad about being separated from him and therefore wants him to spend as much time as possible at her trailer on the set of her new show. Don't worry though, the trailer has a bed!

We next visit Taylor Winnik and her family. Her and her brothers are all super close in age, which makes life more fun. Their goodbye dinner features teasing from family about going to Toronto to visit, but one of her brothers (there's three of them, okay) wanted t go watch the Sharks play in a Thornton jersey and Daniel Winnik KO'd that. Booooooo. Finally, can we make it a rule that you never, ever, ever comment on people having kids unless they tell you they are expecting a baby or something. It's just, ugh.

We then get to go to Kennewick, Washington to check in on the Prices who are going white water rafting with friends. Nothing much happens besides the fact that Carey decided to impersonate his dog swimming. It was everything.

We then check in on the Getzlafs, who are going to the beach before they host a golf tournament fundraiser. I HAVE THOSE BEACH CHAIRS. They are awesome and I highly recommend them, partially because you can carry them on your back when your hands are full or you have to walk a ways or you have three kids. Okay, the last one is only if you have kids. Anyways, the conversation with the kids about sunscreen before playing is so my childhood it hurts. I guess there is a reason my mom used to sunscreen us up before we left because once you get to the beach, play is king. I feel you Getzaf boys. No, not like that you people.

Back to Taylor who is having a heart to heart with her cousin Peter about how awesome Daniel is and it is just squee. She also talks about being bullied and fighting depression. It is really illuminating to hear her talking about how hard it is to fit in and meet new people. If you are outgoing and confident, it doesn't sound that bad, but trust me it can be horrible.

Angela and Carey meet up with friends and surprise, she is pregnant! Not really a surprise because one of the main plot points in the first half of the season was about her wanting a baby. Mission accomplished! Just as cool is that she can still go rafting with her friends because what is life without your friends? Also, white water rafting looks fun and I want to go.

Now time for the most depressing storyline of the show: Brandon and Maripier's long goodbye. Not going to lie, my sympathy is lacking because my sister did the same type of thing for a year, with both her and her fiance going to school and lacking the funds to travel to see each other. And then she mentions that her dog has to stay with Brandon's parents because of the hours she works. She's more sad about the dog not living with her and as a dog lover, I agree with her. Dogs are the best, but also Lola will be better off having someone with her for the season. But puppy. I love dogs.

The Getzlaf Shootout for Duchenne is next and we get to learn about some of the people affected by the disease. It is sweet and heartfelt and they raised a lot of money. One of the biggest issues with scientific research is there are only a limited amount of funds out there, so the money raised will be put to good use as long as it doesn't go to "awareness" like some breast cancer charities. And Paige Getzlaf is totally right, it is not about the golf. Take those shots after a bad shot, girl.

And now for the introduction to the hero we need: Angela Price's sister, Stephanie, on baby names. Angela suggested the name Baumer because it would make the kid "more creative and more artistic" and Stephanie's reaction is "no, because it sounds like Boner". You are my hero Stephanie and I think you should be there to tell all new parents if their name is a good name or not. Give it the boner test.

Again we go back to the Winniks and Daniel is still adopted by the Sharks. And Joe Thornton is still awesome, even with his grey beard. This was the last day in San Jose for the Winniks before they drive to Toronto with their two dogs and god bless them for that road trip. That is a long drive and with two dogs it sounds like it could be hard. Unless the dogs sleep the entire hahahaha.

We can finally say goodbye to Prust and Morin saying goodbye with a goodbye surprise party. It looks like it will be hard for him to say goodbye, but hey new place means new people to meet. MP makes a speech about Brandon leaving and starts crying, she then wants him to be more open with his emotions and he won't. Some people are and some people aren't. That's that.

Now we are tying up loose ends. First and foremost high-five to Angela's mom for being ready in case her daughter has her baby when Carey cannot be around much to help. Sometimes you need more family support than just one person who also has to work. AND THEN THE FAMILY DECIDES BABY PRICE WILL BE THE NEXT GREAT CANADIAN GOALIE. Except Angela wisely says the babe may not be a goalie. Next the Winniks get ready to leave and the dog doesn't want to wear it's collar. I get it, dog. Paige and Ryan go to their golf tournament gala and Ryan has fun driving. Stop being such a dad. Finally, Brandon has to finish packing with help from Maripier and she gets sad over planning when they are going to see each other again. You known Brandon, she can show herself around for a bit and see you for a couple days around Christmas.

Lastly, we meet Hawkin who has Duchenne and inspired the Getzlafs to help. Lovely, lovely story.

Until next week when Bree is hopefully back and we go back to more of an analysis-based recap of this show with less snark, see you!