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Penguins March Over Jets

The Pittsburgh Penguins came out and remembered that they are, in fact, the Pittsburgh Penguins

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The final game before the trade deadline has come and gone with the Jets being dropped by the Penguins 4-1. The first period had plenty of back and fourth between the two teams but remained scoreless at the end of the first twenty. However, Pittsburgh came out for the second and immediately put the Jets into a two goal hole before the first minute was up. The goals were scored by Kris Letang and Carl Hagelin. The game was nearly four to zero but Michael Hutchinson was able to make some fantastic saves including one on Sidney Crosby where he was able to keep the puck out of the net by only using his stick.

Midway through the first the Jets were finally able to Jet on the board as future (unofficial) captain Blake Wheeler deflected a shot from the point by Dustin Byfuglien. Nikolaj Ehlers was given the secondary assist which marked his 30th point of the season. The Jets thought they had tied it up thanks to Jacob Trouba but the goal was disallowed.

The beating would continue going into the third as Scott Wilson scored his fourth of the season for Pittsburgh five minutes into the period. Carl Hagelin would score his second of the night with a little help from his fellow former Maple Leafs teammate Phil Kessel. Although, Michael Hutchinson did almost nab it.

What To Do Going Into The Trade Deadline

With the Andrew Ladd band-aid finally  ripped clean off the Jets know that their season is absolutely dead in the water. Who else should they sell off. Scheifele, Little, Stuart, Wheeler, Trouba, Ehlers, Byfuglien, and Copp are untouchables. Some may debate that Trouba might not be safe which be unfortunate. I think him and Myers are 50/50. Drew Stafford should be able to nab you a second round pick at the least. Perreault, I feel he may be able to garner a first from a desperate GM. Postma and Pardy would only get you a seventh round pick at the most. If Paul Postma had actually played a bit more this season he might be worth significantly more.

As for the goaltenders, Michael Hutchinson has played three of the last four games, which means one of two things:

1) Michael Hutchinson is being showcased for a trade.

2) Ondrej Pavelec is simply not in game shape yet after being hurt for so long.

It would be inexcusable in my opinion if the Jets didn't sell more of their assets considering the season is absolutely doomed and they are already looking at a top five pick.

What are your thoughts on the game and upcoming deadline? Leave them in the comment section below.