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Analyzing the Andrew Ladd Trade

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets traded Andrew Ladd, Matt Fraser, and Jay Harrison to the Chicago Blackhawks for the Marko Dano, a first round pick and a conditional pick in the third round of 2018 if Chicago wins the Stanley Cup this year. We know about the players that have left (RIP HarriPardy because there ain't no Pardy like a HarriPardy), but what about the player who is coming back to the Jets? Marko Dano.

Dano had a very difficult start to the season with the Blackhawks, scoring only two points before he was sent to the Rockford IceHogs. According to Sam of The Committed Indian, part of Dano's struggles were because he was playing on the left side when he had only played right wing or centre previously. The more interesting part was the fact that he struggled with physicality and was hesitant with and without the puck. This flies in the face of what Mike MacLean of The Cannon said from when Dano played with the Columbus Blue Jackets. There he was a talented, physical player who was fearless when trying to get the puck. He was not always successful, but he was fearless. He was very good offensively when looking at his points/60. There is no HERO chart for Dano to look at yet to help us discern between how many primary and secondary assists he has. 

Dano is an impressive possession driver, especially on the woeful Blue Jackets. This is great news for the Jets as Andrew Ladd was a possession driver for the Jets before the trade. If he can recapture what made him good for the Blue Jackets, then the Jets will have done well in this trade.