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Preview: Jets Head to Oil Country to Out Tank The Tank Masters

Jets. Oilers. The Battle for Auston Matthews continues. BUT, there's a wrench in the Oiler's plans in the shape of Connor McDavid who may just win the game for his team...

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Jets take on the Oilers in Edmonton. If they want to not get any points, the Jets need to keep playing the same lackluster game they've been playing for a while now. Change nothing. Be crappy. Viva la tank.

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

Thank you in advance.

Edmonton Oilers

Taylor Hall is the lovable dumb dumb on the Oilers and he is also the current goal leader for them, but he hasn't gotten a point in a few games. In order to get past the Jets, he'll need to get his feet moving and contribute to the.... oh who am I kidding? Taylor Hall needs to do whatever he wants to do. The Oilers have welcomed back one Connor McDavid who is having himself a fantastic time now that he's back in action. The Oilers need to focus on giving the puck to Connor and watch what he does with it.

Also, pick some fights with the Jets. They still remain a team that loves a good fight regardless of whether or not it's going to help the momentum or whatever. Slap Byfuglien. Go after Ehlers. Look at Chris Thorburn the wrong way.

No wait. Don't look at Chris Thorburn. Your eyes may fall out and be eaten by his muskrat beard.

Player to Boo Mercilessly



Jets - 2

Oilers (as a team) - 1

Connor McDavid (on his own) - 83 plus 20 assists