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Game Recap: Jets vs Canucks

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The first meeting this week between the Jets and Canucks ends in a 4-1 win for the home team.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period

*Petan is in. No Thorburn, Burmistrov or Stuart.  Stafford on the 4th line. Armia and Matthias are close to returning, so some roster decisions will need to be addressed shortly.

*Hellebuyck in net for the Jets, and is rarely tested in the first, as the period ends with the shots at 13-7.

*Jets go 1/2 on the power play, as Wheeler scores his 10th on the season on the second power play. Vancouver's Hutton was the goat as he drew the penalties leading to the two power plays for the Jets.

*Petan is on the first power play unit, so I don't see him returning to the Moose any time soon.

*Jets' penalty kill is barely tested but successful as Perreault took the Jets' first one of the game. Zero shots by the Canucks.

*Laine, Ehlers and Copp had some great chances, while the line of Dano, Petan and Stafford had some jump. Actually, Stafford had some jump the entire 20 minutes, and being demoted to the 4th line will do that to a player.

*Jets lead the Canucks 1-0 to  end the period, and with the Canucks taking another penalty, the second period will start with the Jets the power play.

2nd Period

*Jets start the 2nd period on the power play, but it's killed off by the Canucks. Only 1 shot by the Jets. Dano is on the first power play unit, so I don't see him going to the Moose either anytime soon.

*Great speed by Tanev carrying the puck, then chip and chase as he makes some plays.

* Vancouver's Hansen scores as the Jets are caught running around in their own end. Postma, Cahriot, Lowry, Copp and Tanev on the ice during the goal, which was scored by the Canuck's 1st line.

*Little takes a penalty, so the Jets land on the PK, and are successful as Vancouver generates zero shots.

*Trouba connects with cross ice pass to Scheifele, who has a good chance.  Lowry, Copp, and Tanev try and redeem themselves with a good chance.

*Hellebuyck challenged with 2 shots up close by the Canucks.

*As the second period draws to a close,Wheeler takes a roughing penalty, so the Canucks will start the 3rd on the PP. Period ends with the game tied 1-1. Shots are 19-17 for Winnipeg. Another second period where the Jets have been outscored (-25 difference).

3rd Period

*Jets start the 3rd on the PK, but successfully knock it off.

*Canuck's Hansen scores his second of the game at 3:19, with a great screen in front of Hellebuyck by H. Sedin. No challenge by the Jets and the Canucks lead 2-1. Poor zone coverage left Scheifele alone to cover Sedin and 3 Jets  including Buff, were high in the zone.

*Canuck's Baertschi with the breakaway on a another blunder by Buff, and scores. 3-1 Canucks.

*Canucks do a good job of gumming up the works and not allowing the Jets to really get moving.

*Canucks' Biega takes a tripping penalty, so Jets go back on the PP. Ehlers and Laine had two big chances, but no go as the Canucks kill off the penalty.

*Jets' Hellebuyck pulled with 2:20 left, but Canucks' Horvat finds the empty net and makes it a 4-1 game.

*Jets go on a power play with 1:40 left as the Canucks take a delay of game penalty, but it's too little too late.

*Canucks win 4-1. Shots are 32-24 for the Jets.

Overall, the Jets kind of beat themselves with poor defensive play and positioning.  The chances were there, the line deployment was questionable at times, and the play was lacking spirit.