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Episode 50 - Who's Team Is It aka The I Heart Darth Vader Episode

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Wow! 50 Episodes!

NHL: Florida Panthers at Winnipeg Jets
“Thorburn to the first line”
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

This week, @BigPapiPegCity, @Sliiiiip, and @BrianFromAIH were joined by original Superfan @PartKat to talk about the Jets win from this evening and the recent losing streak coming to an end. Then things got salty as we discussed our opinions on Paul Maurice and his role with this team while Brian took a nap. Kat bragged about the Flyers winning streak and then the Flyers lost right after. And we capped things off with more #AskTheSuperfans. I can't believe we made it to 50 episodes! Come and check it out now!

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