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Game Recap: Jets vs Hawks

Hockey Fights Cancer night results in a 4-0 Jets win as Hellebuyck stands tall!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

First Period: Hellebuyck in for the Jets versus Crawford for the Hawks. Tootoo in for the Hawks as well, so expect Thorburn to try and goon it up with him. Copp starts with Lowry and Tanev.  TSN's keys to the game for the Jets is "don't play passive". Ehlers comes out with Scheifele and Laine, so Dano will be with Petan and Wheeler, and Howden will line up with Burmistov and Thorburn.  First two minutes drags on as both teams jockey for position with lots of whistles and icings.  Hawks' Keith with the clear slapshot easily saved by Hellebuyck.  Hawk's Crawford slow to get up after a Big Buff slapshot.  Laine to Ehlers to Scheifele to Morrissey, who beats Crawford for his first NHL goal. 1-0 Jets.  Game beginning to open up now as the pace picks up. Byfuglien with a big hit in Hawks' Panik. 10 minutes into the game and the play whistled down.

Play carries on with back and forth action as the refs seem to have stuffed their whistles in their pockets. Ehlers looses the puck, retrieves it, cranks up the rpm's and carries it back into the Hawks' zone. Lowry has been matched up against Hawks' Toews.  Jets plays sound defensive game as Hellebuyck has seen all pucks coming his way so far.   Jets are choking up the neutral zone, stopping the Hawks from gaining entry with speed. Byfuglien gains the pucks and cuts towards the net, met with a shove from Crawford.  Wheeler with the great chance.  Buff with a great chance as Chicago's defensive game it tested. Morrissey plasters Hawk's Hinostroza with a great hit, but charged with charging. Hawks' on the PP with 25 seconds left in the first.

Second Period: Hawks with PP to start the second. Lowry beat out Hawks' Toews on 5 of 6 faceoffs, and Lowry finished up the first period with winning 7 of 8. Hawks suprisingly lead in shots (8-6) but Jets lead in attempts (20-15).  Byfuglein, Tanev and Lowry are a penalty killers nightmare. Jets kill off the penalty. Hawks' Panik beat Burmi and gets the shot off, then Scheifele with a chance, then another chance as Ehlers finds him in the Blackhawk's zone. Hawks' Hinostroza is done for the night.  Hawks are doing a better job in getting bodies in front of Hellebuyck during shots.  Copp with a chance that almost beat Crawford. Penalty to the Jets as Postma takes a hooking penalty. Jets on the PK.  Burmi and Copp with a short handed two on one but Burmi can't get the pass over Hawks' Keith's stick. Chariot takes a delay of game penalty and the Hawks go on the 5 on 3 for a minute and 7 seconds.  Jets kill off the Postma penalty, and as play continues, the Jets with some great chances and puck control as they kill off the Chariot penalty.

Tanev cuts towards the net and the Hawks take their first penalty for hooking as Kempny goes off. Jets on the PP. Jets not getting much going on the power play, as they can't get set up.  Hawks kill the penalty.  Hawks' Kane finds Forsling but shoots it wide and high. Trouba takes a Hawks' Keith slapshot off the noggin. Trouba gets up and skates calmly to the bench, as that's gotta smart! ...and after a few seconds, he's back on the bench after reciting the alphabet or whatever they do to detect a concussion.  Ehlers to Laine and Crawford with the right pad save.  Hawks are pressuring now.  Hellebuyck as bee stellar so far!  Thorburn and Burmi put the forecheck pressure on the Hawks in their zone.  Period winds down with the Jets maintaining their 1-0 goal lead.

Third Period: Hawks are up on the Jets on both shots (20-13) and attempts (40-32). Scheifele, Byfuglein and Ehlers with early chances.  Chariot wiht a good chance as it beat Crawford but somehow stays out.  Petan and Dano make a good offensive pair.  Hawks' Hossa with a chance after Sheifs blows a tire.  Thorburn spins and puts it towards the net, which beats Crawford. Jets 2-0. Well done Thorburn, as Postma draws an assist. Jets have done a great job helping each other out and jamming up the red line. "CRAWFORD" chant breaks out in the MTS Centre. Ehlers to Byfuglein who takes it wide around the net, shoots and Laine snags the rebound putting it past Crawford. 3-0 Jets! On the next face off, Petan wins it, Wheeler on the forecheck, Dano back to Petan who pots it! 4-0 Jets and Crawford has been chased from the Chicago net as Darling comes in.

Jets continue on with the pressure.  Chariot with the slapshot, but blocked by Hawks' Kempny.  7 minutes to go in the third.  Hawks' Toews and Kane with short side shots. Wheeler with the hard work keeping the Jets with possession as time begins to wind down.  The Jets shut it down as they've done a great job in activating the D at the opposing blue line, while the forwards have done a great job getting back and defending their own zone, making Hellebuyck's job easier while decreasing the odd man rushes by the Hawks.  Game ends with the Jets defeating the Hawks 4-0!