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Game Recap: Jets vs Avalanche

The second game of an away back to back ends in a 3-2 loss for the Jets

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

First Period: Trouba is in, but at the expense of Postma.  Hutchinson gets the start, while the Avs' counter with Varlamov.  After a great center ice Veterans and Remembrance Day commemeration, it's face off time.  Quick puck movement is TSN's key to the game for the Jets.  Jets start with Copp, Lowry and Tanev.  Quick pressure by the Avs. Jets with their own chance by Petan. Trouba will be playing the right side with Chariot.  Everyone into the game by 18:08, so short shifts in the thin atmosphere Denver provides.  Burmistrov with a great pass to Laine, and pings it off the post. Thorburn and Avs' McLoed decide to drop the gloves but spend most of their time stretching each other's sweaters. Wheeler double shifted with Dano and Burmistrov. Dano is a puck control magnet. Imagine Dano on a line with Armia when he gets healthy?

Avs' MacKinnon dipsy doodles past Laine.  Connor to Trouba, who registers his first shot.  Avs Mackinnon sends in Duchesne, but can't convert.  Thorburn to Trouba to Dano who gets in a shot.  Lowry to Myers who gets a shot off. The Jets D is definitely in this game.  Jets take the first minor penalty of the game, as Burmistrov goes off for hooking. Avs on the PP.  Did you know that both Winnipeg and Denver are the major centers for NORAD in North America?  Avs just can't get set up as the Jets kill off the penalty.  Ehlers for Laine back to Ehlers, and tries to go back to Laine but picked off.  Connor with an another good shot...he's really picked up the pace in this game.  All 6 top Jets draft picks in this game...Scheifele, Trouba, Morrissey, Ehlers, Connor and Laine. Avs' Rantanen takes the puck to the net and Hutch stands his ground.  Despite the Jets having their chances and controlling the play, the score is still 0-0 as the period ends.

Second Period: Trouba led all Jets with 7:55 minutes in ice time in the first period. Avs lead in shots 9-7 so far. Scheifele on the forcheck trips up the Avs player. Jets on the PK. Doesn't take the Avs long as Rantanen snaps it over Hutch's left shoulder. 1-0 Avs.  Johnson and MacKinnon assisting on Rantanen's first NHL goal.  Avs' Gelinas goes off for interference, so the Jets go on the PP.  Jets treat the power play like shooting fish in a barrel, but no luck as the power play ends. Avs' Colborne with a shot attempt, as Thorburn doesn't pick up his man. Chariot goes off for holding. Avs on the PP.  Despite having their chances, the Jets kill off the Avs' man advantage. Dano now out with Scheifele and Laine, as Ehlers was just on the PK. Trouba just missed being wallpapered by Avs' Landeskog. Ehlers is now out with Petan and Wheeler.

Avs' Barrie to Bourque, and he slides it in. 2-0 Avs.  Barrie and Landeskog with the helpers.  Avs' Mitchell takes a holding penalty against Burmi. Jets on the PP.  Avs' Duchesne with the short handed chance.  Jets just can't seem to get the PP together and Avs kill it off. 2 PP shots by the Jets.  Connor with Burmistrov and Thorburn.  Ouch!  Wheeler picks up the puck from Ehlers, and scores. Avs' 2-1. Wheeler extends his point streak.  Avs' Tyutin off for high sticking. Jets on the PP again. Ehlers to Wheeler to Scheifele and boom, Jets ties the game! Laine was used as a decoy, as the ice opened up. Game tied 2-2. Avs' Soderberg takes an interference call, so guess what? The Jets go back on the PP. Jets speed is beating up the Avs.  You know, that Pepsi Center PA announcer could pass for Darth Vader...just add some heavy breathing!  Period ends with the Jets still on the power play, and the game tied 2-2.

Third Period: Avs quickly kill off the remainder of the penalty.  Trouba taking a shift with Enstrom as Myers is AWOL. Back and forth play with nothing notable for a good few minutes. Shane Hnidy of TSN just called Dano's body stature as " a bowling ball"!  Myers is done for the night with a lower body injury, so Trouba's minutes will go up. Colorado leads the shot count 17-15 so far.  Hutchinson takes some high, stinging heat!  Dano and Scheifele took some heavy hits.  The pace begins to pick up and the hits start coming as the game has 12 minutes left in regulation. Petan dumps in the puck and takes a cross check from Avs' Zadorov. Duh! Jets on the PP. Petan moving the puck with ease during the power play. Avs' Landeskog with the short handed try.  Avs kill off the power play.

Avs' Duchesne is being evaluted for a concussion. Thorburn takes a high stick right off the face off, and Avs resident goon McLoed goes off. PP for the Jets.  Jets' Lowry takes a cross checking penalty, and 4 on 4 hockey for 40 seconds.Jets had initally thought they were getting a 5 on 3, but no chance as Lowry's penalty came a second before.  Avs kill off their fine, and now a power play for the Avs.  Jets kill off the penalty and back to 5 on 5 with 6 minutes left. Ugh, Morrissey takes an interference penalty with 3 minutes left! Jets kill off the penalty and down to the final minute.  The play resembles scrambled eggs as the period winds down and we go to extra fun!

Overtime: 3 on 3 hockey as Scheifele starts with Laine and Buff.  Avs' MacKinnon with a chance. Big save by Hutchon Barrie, then Varlamov on Wheeler.  Ehlers battles along the boards, but slings it backwards towards the net, and catches Hutchinson off guard. It in the the net! Avs' Bourque awarded the goal. Hutchinson is pissed as he bangs his stick on the boards on the way to the room, and Jets players mill about stunned. Avs win 3-2, while the Jets leave their mini road trip with 3 of a possible 4 points. Ouch, a stinger of a loss. Ehlers and/ or Hutchinson are going to owe everyone a beverage, or two...or 6!