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AIH Superfans Podcast Episode 45: Heritage Classic And Early Season Thoughts

A fun show where Brian glaringly shows his age.

NHL: Heritage Classic-Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets
The 2011 draftees hanging out
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with a full length episode this week! @sliiiiip, @BigPapiPegCity, and @BrianFromAIH are joined by Ryan Browning who can be found @DJ_Biff_WPG on Twitter to talk about all of the latest with the Winnipeg Jets. We talk about this past weekend, which include a Jets win and a Jets loss. We also discuss the Heritage Classic weekend and everything that happened in Winnipeg during that time. And we talk about a few early season storylines, and discuss which trends we expect to continue as the season rolls on. Oh, and as always we do some #AskTheSuperfans. It was a fun show. Come and have a listen!

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Tune in, let us know how we did in the Comments section below and be sure to send your questions, concerns, thoughts and haterade our way by tweeting @AIHSuperfans. And while you're at it, give @AIH20416 a follow as well and have a listen to the AIH 20416 Podcast for some broader NHL discussion.