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Laine and the Jets over Matthews and the Leafs

In a much anticipated battle between top rookies a half decent hockey game broke out

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

10 thoughts about tonights game. If lame stream media cough DB cough can do point style so can we.

  1. Wow was that induction boring for us at home. While it is exciting to honor the pa.zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
  2. No Bobby Hull? Did we have something to do with it?

Where’s the tears?

3. Patrik Laine beat Auston Matthews in a battle for the pick during their first interaction. Clearly the better player.

4. Wow does Michael Hutchinson look terrible. Side to side movement used to be his strength.

5. This new man to man defensive zone coverage has really changed things and not for the better. Morrissey completely lost his man on that second goal. You would think man to man coverage would be his strength.

6. Nice bronx cheer after the Leafs penalty half way through the second.

7. Enstrom is shooting more. A lot more. A metric crap ton more. He’s also carrying the puck a lot and jumping into the play. Are all defensemen being asked to do this?

8. Hutchinson improved as the game went on, stopping a couple shots from the rookie Auston Matthews.

9. Jacob Trouba who?

10. Laine’s better

Up next the Jets face the Edmonton Oilers in the Heritage Classic on Sunday at 2pm at Investors Group Field.