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Game Recap: Jets vs Bruins

The Bruins come to town to take on the Jets, and leave with the win and two points.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

After a loss to the Wild on Saturday night, the Winnipeg Jets look to reverse their fortunes and take a win away from the Boston Bruins.

1st Period:

Hellebuyck for the Jets and Rask for the Bruins start the game in goal. No Stu or Thorburn, Armia and Chariot are in. Laine, Scheifele, Wheeler, Myers and Enstrom to start for the Jets. Jets on the offense early.  Perreault tries to send in Ehlers but puck misses the stick and covered by Rask. Good D by Brumistrov, but given up by Connor giving the B's a scoring chance - covered by Hellebuyck. Myers strips B's Marchand of the puck and heads up ice with Matthias.Morrissey takes the puck and gets shot off on Rask. Bruins' Krejci called for roughing on Enstrom and the Jets go on the PP. Jets have better luck in setting up on the power play, but the Bruins fight it off with 3 shots for the Jets.  Boston's Spooner is called for interference on Scheifele and the Jets go back on the PP. Wheeler trip up B's Chara, and 4 -4 hockey starts. Beyakk makes Hnidy blush with the Hockey News compliments. Awww! Budding bromance!  Back and forth action as the Bruins go on a 18 second power play. Brumsitrov springs Wheeler, who is exiting the penalty box, goes in alone and dekes out the Bruin's Rask. 1-0 Jets. 20 seconds later, the Bruins' 4th line puts pressure on the Jets, and the Bruin's Moore scores, tying up the game.  8-4 shots for the jets with 8:45 left in the first. Armia with some great stick defense. To me, it looks like Wheeler is labouring.  Morrissey is having quite the game, and smacks the Bruins' O'Gara with the puck. Whitle blown and the Bruins help their comrade off the ice.  Chariot layes in to the B's Hayes. Armia tripped up by Carlo and the Jets go on the 3rd power play of the game.  Wheeler breaks into the zone but doesn't beat Rask.  12 shots on goal by the Jets so far.  Rask stones Perreault and Lowry up close with a set up from Connor.  Ehlers passes to Scheifele as he enters in front of the net and stood up again by the B's Rask. 4 shots on the power play and the period ends with the score tied up 1-1. Far better puck possession and power play set-up and control shown by the Jets this period, compared to the entire game against the Wild the other night.

2nd Period:

2nd period starts and Ehler's tries to split the B's D. Bruin's Krug tries to spring in B's Nash, but icing is called.  Chara takes Scheifele heavily into the boards and is called for boarding, so the Jets are back on the PP.  Jets control for 1:20 of the power play inthe Bruin's zone but the B's kill it off. 2 shots on the power play for the Jets. Matthias with a great chance up close.  Bruin's Chara flutters the puck towards the net, deflects off of Chariot's stick and past Hellebuyck. 2-1 Bruins. Jets challenge the goal, and it's overturned due to a missed offside call. Whew! B's Miller takes a boarding penalty against Ehlers! Jeez, Bruins have a severe penalty problem as they've taken 5 and the game isn't half over.  Jets are 0-4 on the power play this game. Jets control the puck and the play very well with lots of traffic in front of the net and puck movement, opening the lanes, but to no avail as the Bruin's kill off the penalty. Hellebuyck stumbles behind the net, but Lowry saves the day. Jets lead the shots 7-3 this period, so far. Myers feeds Armia, but no good. Connor is having a good game as he tries to bank the puck past B's Rask. - good line with Armia and Burmistrov.  You know, it's a good job Rask is up to the task or else it would have been 6-1 so far.  Jets have done a good job in not taking any penalties - watching the secondary stick work and keeping the feet moving.  Beyak brings up the Rask for Raycroft trade that tanked the Leafs into eternity.  26 shots by the Jets so far. Byfuglien is really comfortable playing with Morrissey. Armia tries to feed Lowry but is stoned again. Jets quick on the puck, and their puck possession must be off the charts, B's penatlies not included. The Jets are shooting Bruins' in a barrel.  Bruins' Pasternak dumps the puck towards the Jets' net, off of Enstrom's stick and past Hellebuyck. Ugh! Bruins up 2-1. The Jets are being defeated by bad luck, as Enstrom takes a tripping penalty as the second period ends. Jinx!

3rd Period:

Boston begins the period on the power play, only the second one for the Bruins' so far.  27 shots for the Jets versus the 16 for the Bruins. Armia, Chariot and Tanev on 3 on 1 trying to kill the penalty, then Armia with another short handed chance.  Jets kill the penalty with no shots by Boston.  Jets with 30 shots by 16:34 of the 3rd.  Myers takes a high sticking penalty on the Bruins' Hayes. Good puck movement by the Bruins who control the puck in the offensive zone for a full minute.  Hellebuyck with up close save on B's Spooner. Jets kill penalty, who gave up 5 shots to Boston.  Scheifele tries to split the D.  Blown high stick call on B's Krug as he hits Perreault in the jaw.  Lots of back and forth action, with whistle blown at 11:33.  Wheeler called for hooking! C'mon Captain! Bruins back on the power play.  Stafford tries for Armia but can't get the shot off.  Jets kill time as Byfuglien, Lowry and Armia cycle the puck in Boston's zone. Jets kill off the penalty with 8:32 left to go.  Jets putting pressure on the Bruins.  Byfuglien tries the long distance bomb but puts in it in someone's beer. No penalty. Lucky! Bruins with a 2 on 1, Hellebuyck cuts down the angle as the shot goes wide.  Jets shots have disappeared.  Armia is all over the ice - bright spot. Burmistrov tries to work it free with 2:22 left.  Hellebuyck with the poke check off of the Bruins' Marchand, but right to the Bruins' Carlo, who shoots it past Hellebuyck for his first NHL goal.  3-1 Boston with 1:59 left.  Hellebuyck pulled with 1:45 left. Boston's Rask stops Ehlers in tight. Time out Winnipeg. Boston's Chara empty nets the puck with 49 seconds left. 4-1 Boston. Game over!