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Game Recap: Jets vs Wild

A mini road trip to our southern cousins ends in a 4-3 loss.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets traveled to visit the Minnesota Wild this evening, and came away with a loss.

1st Period:

Hutchinson starts for the Jets, while the Wild counter with Dubnyk.  Laine playing some stellar defense, backchecking after some strong play in the Wild zone, and a cross ice pass to Wheeler. Wild's Dumba called for slashing, so the Jets go on the power play. Jets give up a 2 on 1 during the power play, and then another 2 on 1 as Pominvelle is stoned by Hutchinson. 1 shot on goal by the Jets during the power play, equaling the shots created by the Wild's penalty kill effort (otherwise known as horrendous power play by the Jets.). Ehlers with a cross ice pass to Wheeler (Jets love their risky plays). Jets' Thorburn called for hooking (bah gawd, why is he on the ice?) One of these things doesn't belong as Lowry is known for his faceoffs  and centering ability, Tanev is speeding it up out there, and Thorburn....?  Jets kill of the power play, by some play from Stuart (two wrongs make a right?). On a Jets change, Hutch closes the door on Haula, then Dubnyk steals one from Wheeler in back and forth action.  Halfway thru first and the Jets look disorganized. Wheeler called for tripping...Yuck!. Jets kill the penalty with Thorburn and Stuart seeing penalty kill ice time. 9-7 shots with 2:22 left in the second.  Please, Romaniuk and Galley, enough with the Laine talk, okay?! Minnesota's Brodin attempts cross ice pass, stolen by Ehlers and beats Dubnyk with the slap shot - 1-0 Jets!. Byfuglien takes the puck for a field trip and tosses (Byfuglien shapshot) it to the net, as Wheeler deflects it past Dubnyk, and it's 2-0 Jets to end the first.

2nd Period:

The Jets are lucky to have the two goals. Myers strides in with his octopus reach (Thanks Romaniuk) to start the second. Delayed call as Connor called for hooking at 18:03. Stuart hit in the back of the head with shot on ensuing penalty kill (That's using your noodle!). Clock problems force the play to stop. Galley loves the Jets PK - What?! Yeah, maybe this penalty kill, but what I saw in the first period was terrible! Penalty called to the Wild's Stewart for trying to arrange Scheifele's spine with his stick. Connor, Perreault, Wheeler, Laine, and Enstrom on the starting PP unit, while Ehlers, Byfuglien, Scheifele, Stafford and Wheeler on the second. No shots for the Jets as the penalty expires, then Stewart goes towards the net, and deflects the puck past Hutchinson on an ensuing 2 on 1 - oh boy! 2-1 Jets. Lowry takes a roughing penalty, and in the resulting power play, Dumba tees it up and blasts it past Hutchinson! 2-2. Refs miss elbowing call, but Coyle and Sheifele go off for offsetting minors. More rough stuff and back and forth play. Wild take the lead on a Staal goal from Coyle. Now it's 3-2 Wild (3 Wild goals in 7 minutes and 35 seconds! Ouch...Medic!) Wild's Stewart hoodwinks Thorburn as he tries to start some rough stuff, but nothing becomes of it. Parise called for tripping with 58 seconds left. Jets on the power play, but nothing happens as the second period ends.

3rd Period:

Jets remain on the power play and nothing comes about as the Wild kill it off.  Jets lucky as the Wild called for offside as they have 2 players sneak behind Byfuglien. 15- 9 hits overall, and the Wild lead this stat with 10-1 hits in the second alone.  Scheifele blows a tire and takes the net off the mourings, whistling down the play.  Back and forth action with Ehlers and Perreault for the Jets, and Koivu for the Wild.  Wild's Staal takes advantage of the poor positional play, but Hutch is clutch! Jets can't exit their own zone to save their lives, finally out by Jets' Laine.  12 shots by the Jets by 14:30 in the third, and only 3 shots since the first period. Not good! Jets shorten the bench. Galley and Romanuik talking about Wild's Stewart's "lame" Gordie Howe hat trick in the second. Stewart with the chance and Hutchinson saves the day again! Wheeler, Scheifele and Laine try and save the day but Dubnyk finds the puck. Jets called for icing with 6:25 left. Jets fail to clear the zone, and with Wild's Brodin on the door step, the Wild take a 4-2 lead. Wild's Zucker sent in alone and hits the post. Perreualt stopped by Dubnyk, as the puck rebounded off of Ehlers' initial shot. Stuart misses an assignment resulting in a Wild chance. Jets pull the goalie with 2:10 left. 6-5 attack for the Jets. Play called at 1:33 left as it seems everyone on the ice is piled in the Wild's net crease. A little AC/DC being pumped into the arena - dirty deeds indeed! Now some Black Sabbath, as the Jets take a time out. Who is the DJ at the Wild's arena? - good stuff!  Wild bounce a long distance shot off the post, then Parise shoots one in the empty net, but ruled no goal as the Wild were offside. Scheifele scores with 18 seconds to play, but the Wild challange the goal for goalie interference. Goal stands making it 4-3 Wild. No dice as the Wild kill off the last remaining seconds and take the game. Wild win 4-3