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Anaheim Ducks poop on Winnipeg Jets

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets finished off yet another back to back set with a horrible game. Go figure. It was bad, then it got worse. The Jets lost 4-1 to a crappy Anaheim Ducks team.

A Few Hundred Thoughts:

1. The first period started off with a quack. There was no roar of the engine, it was all Ducks. Before fans could even find their ass grooves on the sofa, the Jets were down a goal and shots were 9-1 in favor of Anaheim.

2. Chris Thorburn and Mark Stuart got absolutely worked on the goal. That pairing has been a train wreck - most likely because both players are fringe NHL talents.

3. Thank goodness for Chris Thorburn who was more than willing to sacrifice his body, but mostly his face to reverse his team's fortunes. He started a tussle with Chris Stewart and promptly got his ass handed to him.

4. Unfortunately Thorburn's magical game changing spirit didn't reverse the Jets' fortunes. A Jacob Trouba penalty and a crappy penalty kill left the Jets left the Jets down 2-0 at 9:04 of the first.

5. The Ducks extended their lead to 3 at the 5:01 mark of the second. Everyone's favorite shit-disturber, Corey Perry potted his 14th of the season.

6. The Jets did get on the board though! Tyler Myers threw a puck on net and it was deflected (by a Duck) past John Gibson. Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little drew assists because they are awesome.

7. The only other real notable through the first two periods was Alexander Burmistrov. The Russian returnee has been hitting heavy of late. He put both Sami Vatanen and Josh Manson on their backsides in the first and was credited with 6 hits though two periods.

8. The hits were not enough to slow the Ducks. The Ducks regained their lead after the Jets did... I don't even know what they did. There were bad pinches and even worse line changes on while on the penalty kill. This led to a breakaway (darn near two) and another goal against while shorthanded. Pinching, more like pinched a loaf.

9. In the middle of the second, Brian Munz referenced how "solid" Mark Stuart has been of late. I can only assume this was a reference to a firm turd. I'd rather not listen to Brian Munz call a game ever.

10. Amidst the swirling waters of the Jets' season being flushed down the drain, a few interesting things happened. Joel Armia saw a handful of shifts on the top line with Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler. Nikolaj Ehlers saw himself demoted to the 4th - granted, Thorburn went with him, so maybe it was a promotion? Who the hell knows.

11. Michael Hutchinson did nothing to stop the Winnipeg Jets' bowel movements. He just can't find a way to stop pucks this year. Small sample size or not, this run has more than likely cost him his spot on the big club as well as a large chunk of cash.

12. The rest of the thoughts are just a series of F bombs, but you can't have 'em. If the Jets don't give an "F", I don't either. That was a crappy game to watch.