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Winnipeg Jets crash versus Nash

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Welp... The Winnipeg Jets took another step towards "forgettable" on their season defining road trip. Tonight they came out on the wrong end of another lopsided loss,propping the decision 4-1 to the Nashville Predators.

Ten Thoughts:

1. Nikolaj Ehlers opened the scoring after a pair of strong plays from his linemates. Mathieu Perreault took the puck away from an attacking player, just in front of Connor Hellebuyck. He passed to Joel Armia, who sent a beautiful stretch pass to Ehlers for the finish.

2. And wow! What a finish. The Ehlers goal was beautiful. Lots of speed and even more misdirection left Pekka Rinne with zero hope of a save. Beautiful play.

3. It is great to see Ehlers get on the scoreboard again. After a long and very rough stretch, Nikolaj is heating up. Hopefully he can regain some confidence and show major skill in the second half of the season.

4. The same goes for Joel Armia. You have to love his positional play and defensive smarts, but the fact that points are starting to come is really nice. He was very strong along the walls and generated some high quality chances tonight.

5. Unfortunately for the Jets, no one else really got anything going. The Ladd, Little, Wheeler line was dangerous at times, but didn't get much done and the rest of the line up was predictably bad.

6. On a related note, it sucks to have three top nine players out of the lineup at once.

7. Even "Super Rookie" Connor Hellebuyck had one of his more forgettable outings. The second and third goal against weren't great.

8. On the bright side, or should I say Blight side, this game did nothing to harm Arby's tank.

9. Many fans are horribly outraged by the effort that Andrew Ladd put forth on the empty netter. It was probably just a bad bounce, but we all need some resolution here. Trade him or sign him, Chevy.

10. Watching Mark Stuart doing pirouettes is almost entertaining.