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AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 8

The gang returns to the Fox and Fiddle (456 Main St.) for episode 8! With Tim out of town for the week, Carlo steps in to provide some semblance of balance as we take on the hottest issues in the Jets universe on the eve of training camp.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The @AIHSuperfans returned to the Fox and Fiddle (456 Main St.) for episode 8 on the eve of Winnipeg Jets training camp, and the #taeks were hotter than normal. The discussion may have come off the rails a few times, but it's because we're all #fuelledbypassion.

With Tim (@tbonnar) out of town, special guest Carlo (@juventus777JETS) took his place as the resident sunshine and rainbows dispenser, and arguments ensued.

Topics covered last night included Chevy's 30+ minute interview on with Bob McKenzie, how useful the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC was for the prospects, the premise of not bringing in any real veteran competition for the kids to beat out in camp, and of course what will happen to Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien.

So check out Episode 8 below, will ya?

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