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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25: Haiku Edition, Part 1

A bit of weekend fun while we await the NHL's glorious return.

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Inspired by our resident poet IanDmytriw and subsequent responses, here is a haiku for each and every player profiled in this year's Top 25 Under 25 series. At the very least, think of them as (hopefully) succinct summaries.

I make no promises as to quality or strict haiku ruleset adherence, and would like to apologize in advance.

HM: Pavel Kraskovsky, C

Skill and two-way game
Distance keeps big Russian down
High compete level

HM: Tucker Poolman, D/F

Skill and size have charm
Is versatile to a fault
Does he have a niche?

HM: Jimmy Lodge, C/RW

Projectable frame
Skilled two-way game coaches love
Low point totals odd

#25: Sami Niku, D

Seasoned against men
Great skater who wants the puck
Is he just offence?

#24: Erik Foley, LW

High grit chart ranking
Small but strong power forward
Thanks again Sweeney

#23: Jack Glover, D

Freshman season sucked
Skating, size and skill intrigue
Project must bounce back

#22: JC Lipon, C/RW

Grinder type with skill
Super-pest has vision too
PIMs can hurt the team

#21: Brenden Kichton, D

Lack of size and speed
Might be O-Zone specialist
Solid minor depth

#20: Michael Spacek, RW/C

Mobile playmaker
Complete game with hands and skill
Red Deer Rebels-bound

#19: Scott Kosmachuk, RW

Gritty, hard-nosed game
First pro season underwhelmed
Will the goals return?

#18: Jan Kostalek, D

Earned acclaim and praise
Mobile, stable, quiet force
Visions of Vlasic

#17: Brendan Lemieux, LW

Agitator here
Plays with reckless abandon
Offence a concern

#16: Chase De Leo, C/LW

Feisty, fast and small
Agitator who can score
Sets the pace and tone

#15: Eric Comrie

Sublime puck tracking
Legit top goalie prospect
Must conserve movement

Folks are more than welcome to share their own haikus, especially ones with a bit more pizazz than my own. My only request is that if it concerns a Top 25 Under 25 player not yet mentioned, to keep it in your back pocket until Part 2 is published tomorrow. Thanks for reading!