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Winnipeg Jets (kids) vs Calgary Flames (kids) - It's Monkey Flippin' Game Time!!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey is back in Winnipeg!! Well, in Penticton rather than Winnipeg, but featuring future Winnipeg Jets. This will be the first NHLish action we've seen in a long while, and I can't wait! Tonight we will witness Nikolaj Ehlers, Nicolas Petan, Jansen Harkins, Josh Morrissey and Brendan Lemieux headline a star-studded Jets prospect group, as they take on the best of the Calgary Flames youth.

The puck drops at 6:00 pm CST and can be viewed on

Projected Lineups

Winnipeg Jets

Brendan Lemieux - Nic Petan - Nikolaj Ehlers

Axel Blomqvist - Ryan Olsen - Jimmy Lodge

Chase De Leo - Andrew Copp - Scott Kosmachuk

Michael Spacek - Jansen Harkins - Matteo Gennaro

Josh Morrissey - Nelson Nogier

Peter Stoykewych - Jan Kostalek

Aaron Harstad - Marcus Karlstrom

Calgary Flames

Buncha kids that nobody care about (families aside).

Players to Watch

Nik and Nic - Nic Petan and Nik Ehlers have been playing together in practice and it is possible they will do the same in this tournament. If that's the case, buckle-up. These two kids have skill to burn and they should be highly motivated. It is very possible that they could be fighting each other for a roster spot this year.

Andrew Copp and Scott Kosmachuk - This tandem also saw the ice together in practice. Copp is presumed to be in the mix for a spot on the 4th line, but it is entirely possible that Kossy could see some time there as well. He plays the kind of grinding, agitating game that suits that role, but also brings goals scoring ability.

Josh Morrissey - Josh was riding high heading into this tournament last year. His performance was a disappointment. Today he starts on his road to redemption, even if there isn't a roster spot visibly available.

Above all else, I am just super stoked to watch hockey. What are you looking for in today's game?