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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25: #15 Eric Comrie

The Arctic Ice Hockey Top 25 Under 25 is here! Send it to your friends to show them how cool you really are!

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#59, 2013











Previous Rank: 14th

Remember when the Jets first came here and our goalie depth was Pavelec? Terrifying times, they were. But due to some slick drafting and signings, those dark days are but a distant memory.

Our first goaltender on this year's Arctic Ice Hockey Top 25 Under 25, Eric Comrie was drafted 59th overall by the Jets in the 2013 Entry Draft. At the time, it was looked upon as a bit of a risky pick and not just because drafting goalies high is often voodoo. Comrie was also coming off of season-ending hip surgery, which dropped his stock going into the draft significantly. Luckily for the Jets, Eric Comrie has proven to be a great pick so far.

Like Connor Hellebuyck last year with the IceCaps, Comrie was backstopping a less than stellar Tri-City Americans in the WHL but still managed a .914 SV% in 40 games. This upcoming year he will be turning pro, with either the Manitoba Moose, where he would most definitely be the backup, or in the ECHL playing for the Tulsa Oilers.


As you can see, Comrie has only posted a .900 SV% once, which was during his very first season with the Tri-City Americans. Since then, it has remained relatively steady with no real positive or negative outliers. His last playoffs were pretty poor, but the Americans were swept by a red hot Kelowna Rockets team which featured top-prospects Leon Draisaitl, Nick Merkley, Madison Bowey and fellow Jets prospect Josh Morrissey.

AIH Authors' Thoughts:


Comrie gets the short end of the stick. Good goalie stuck behind good goalie, who is stuck behind another good goalie, who is stuck behind Pavelec. He will go to the AHL and learn the patient side of the game, which he will certainly benefit from.


They say goalies are voodoo. I agree. However, I think the Jets have two very good goalies in Eric Comrie and Connor Hellebuyck. Best case scenario, the Jets have a Roberto Luongo/Cory Schneider situation on their hands. Comrie will start the season down on the farm, backing up Hellebuyck until he’s called up around the All-Star break.


Now that Comrie is also AHL ready, I'm interested in how they will use both of them during the season. He is clearly the backup with the Moose while Hellebuyck is still stationed there too. The best case for Comrie is a 50/50 split, unless one of them struggles.

Outside Sources:

The Hockey News:

Assets: Boasts tremendous lateral movement side to side, which sets him apart. Also has a projectable 6-1 frame. Plays with enthusiasm and brings energy to his team.

Flaws: Needs to do a better job of channeling his energy, since at times he can be too wound up for the goaltending position. Could also use more bulk on his big frame.

Potential: Quality goaltender with upside.

Ben Kerr, Last Word On Sports:

Comrie has decent size and good technique as a hybrid goalie. He has very good lateral movement and gets side to side quickly and efficiently. He reads the play well and shows excellent puck tracking as he is rarely caught out of position. His quick legs do a great job of taking away the bottom of the net. He also has a very quick glove hand which helps him to take away the top portions.

Comrie plays a very aggressive style and comes out far to cut down angles and take away net from shooters. He has excellent backwards skating which allows him to do this and recover if a forward tries to deke him to the net. Like many young goalies, he does need work on his rebound control and this is the biggest issue in his game today. He does show the ability to recover quickly and square up to rebounds which does help him recover quickly, however the rebound control must also still improve.

Comrie has real high end potential. He could become a starting goalie in the NHL if he reaches his ceiling. He will need time at the minor league level though and is a good pick for a team looking to build organizational depth amongst their goalies. His style is similar to Semyon Varlamov, but this is just a stylistic comparison and not one based on potential.

Greg Balloch, InGoal Magazine:

...He returned from surgery with improved flexibility and strength, and finished his junior career with two very strong seasons. Tri-City had a weak roster, but the workload he received only helped his development, and he carried them into a surprise playoff appearance. In his final WHL game, he would make 66 saves in an eventual 5-4 overtime loss.

Head Trajectory pioneer and Tri-City Americans goaltending coach Lyle Mast raves about his time spent with Comrie, who benefited from his work with the coach as much as the action he saw in games. He is not physically the biggest prospect on the list, but he is possibly the best at tracking the puck. Wherever he starts next season, he will have more structure in front of him than he had in junior – which could be a recipe for success. He possesses high-end skill, but he likes to keep the aggressive movements in his back pocket. It’s easy to tell when Comrie is really on. Rebounds are swallowed, the game slows down, and his opponents become more and more frustrated. With the duo of Connor Hellebuyck and Eric Comrie in the system, the Jets will be a scary team to watch.



It's always nice to have two great goalies in your organization, and we may have three in Hutchinson, Hellebuyck and Comrie. At this time I think the team ranks them in that order, meaning Comrie is currently the odd man out, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Who's to say the two guys in front of him will pan out as bona fide starters? Maybe he's a card the Jets have up their sleeve, one who eventually becomes the franchise's starting goaltender?

Pavelec's and Hellebuyck's contracts expire at the same time, and Comrie will be entering his final year of his entry level contract. By then, I think the Jets will have a better idea of where he stands in their future plans. Regardless, I think he becomes a solid 1B or valuable piece in a trade.

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