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FlightZone: Connor McDavid Mustn't Eat Hot Dogs

Not that there's anything wrong with hot dogs.

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Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The 24/7 McDavid Watch continues unabated, in part because it has yet to disappoint. Monday saw him drag his 4-on-4 squad to an 8-6 victory, with 5 goals or 62.5% of his team's output. Going by that metric, he will likely score at least 121 goals next season (the actual number is 120.625, but it's Connor McDavid so we round up). The orientation camp held at Rexall Place served as a great introduction for McDavid to Edmonton and vice versa, considering the thousands of fans who came out to watch the future.

If Connor McDavid wasn't already number 24 in your hearts (after the 23 players on the Winnipeg Jets' roster of course), behold the instantly endearing moment where he makes sure a young fan gets the signed hat intended for him.

Not to end this spiel on a negative note, yet I can't help but feel horrible for the Arizona CoyotesRecently-signed Dylan Strome is one heck of a prospect. In some draft years he very likely would have gone 1st overall, and his upside is only that of a big, smart, genuine top-line center. But he is not Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. Through no fault of his own, he does not come with the same excitement and hype machine as 'The Next One' and 'Mike Modano but Better'. Imagine what a ray of sunshine this McDavid Watch would have been amid the murky mess which is the entire present Glendale situation.

Buffalo GM Tim Murray may have been the one on record as being disappointed for the fans, but it's the Desert Dogs who were truly punched in the gut.

And now, the news.

Central Division

Marcus Kruger is sitting at home with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket, waiting for the Blackhawks to sort out their cap mess. It's amazing how winning fosters patience. (CSN Chicago)

A look at Colorado's off-season which doesn't throw Ryan O'Reilly under the bus? I didn't know these existed. (The Hockey Writers)

You might not know, but the Stars' captain is coming off double hip surgery. While he's still Jamie Benn, it's good to see him back on the ice. (Defending Big D)

The Predators' prospects will pass around a "Golden Helmet" throughout their development camp. I'm just going to post the link and move along. (Nashville Predators)

Minor news out of St. Louis as the Blues signed Vlad Tarasenko for 8 years and $60 million. Ho-hum. (Sportsnet)

In the land of the Jets, where you're drafted doesn't matter. And sometimes, neither does your hockey playing ability. (Winnipeg Sun)

And All The Rest

If Ben Scrivens' hold on the backup position is tenuous, I hear Boston is looking for a goaltender. Because we all know how well Pete Chiarelli and the Bruins get along right now. (The Hockey News)

Begin crossing names off the arbitration docket, as the Arizona Coyotes and Mikkel Boedker agreed to a 1 year, $3.75 million contract. (FOX Sports Arizona)

Mirtle discusses 2015's feeble (see: sane) free agent frenzy, and the shift towards RFAs raking in the dough. (The Globe and Mail)

A once-proud organization which has seemed listless at everything but trending downward, here's a glimpse into New Jersey's future. (Hockey's Future)

I could have made the Ottawa Senators' 25th anniversary logo. That is not a good thing. (Ottawa Citizen)

Henceforth, Kole Sherwood shall be my go-to for "undrafted prospect signed in the off-season after he was passed over in his first year of eligibility". Somewhat surprised this doesn't happen more often, but NHL SPCs are both valuable and meaningful. (BlueJacketsXtra)

My love affair with Ryan Lambert continues, as he looks at how the Maple Leafs seem to actually be doing a good job for once. (Yahoo! Sports)

A reminder that while Derek Stepan is going to get paid, the New York Rangers need him. (Blueshirt Banter)

The Sharks' off-season moves did strengthen them, which makes all that 'tomorrow team' talk and their entire freak out even more baffling. The idiom is wrong, tomorrow does indeed come, and it's apparently a single season later. (Blades of Teal)

And finally, our friends at Eyes On The Prize look at whether Eric Fehr and Alex Semin could help the Habs, and their answers may surprise you. The answers are yes and yes but potentially too pricey, by the way. (EOTP)

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