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FlightZone: Lou Lamoriello is a Ninja

Just when you thought he was out, Shanny pulls Lou back in.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

For those who may have missed the internet explode yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs hired Lou Lamoriello to be the club's new GM. There's a couple of links concerning this story below, but here are some Twitter highlights to get us started:

And now the news.

Central Division

Our Colorado frenemies are looking to finally close the book on their miserable 2014-15 season. This would be fine, but they point out how the players Patrick Roy trusts are sometimes an issue and that's probably not going away. Also, Patrick Roy. (Mile High Sticking)

Ales Hemsky has discovered that having a good hip makes a difference. Let's see how the Stars' strategy of having all the hip surgeries (Hemsky, Klingberg, Nichushkin and Jamie Benn) plays out. (The Dallas Morning News)

Here are two statements which are not mutually exclusive: 1) it is not outrageous to say that the Shea Weber decline has begun; and 2) he is still "a devastating and terrifying defenseman". (On The Forecheck)

Playing against St. Louis left quite the impression on Kyle Brodziak, and apparently the vice-versa must have been at least mildly real. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The St. Louis Blues are flooding their staff out to engage in community service, lending assistance to initiatives beyond on-ice, hockey-related activities. This is organizational team building I can get behind. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Here are five Winnipeg Jets games of particular interest in 2015-16. And yes, one of them is Buffalo. (The Hockey Writers)

And All The Rest

Anaheim has re-signed defenceman Josh Manson to a two-year deal, the second of which is one-way. Not really much more to say on this until he gives us a sample size greater than 28 games. (Sportsnet)

The Arizona Coyotes have hired Mike Bavis and Doug Janik as assistant coaches down with their AHL affiliate in Springfield. (MassLive)

Speaking of Arizona, it seems all has returned to being sunshine and lollipops between the team and the City of Glendale. Until the next fight, that is. (Yahoo! Sports)

Inspired by Lance Bouma, here's an idea from our fiery friends: "You don't give cap hits of $2.2 million to fourth liners with one good season." (Matchsticks and Gasoline)

Despite using Ctrl+F, I'm unable to find a single use of the word enigma in this Alex Semin article. Believe me, I checked. (ProHockeyTalk)

Be aware if you're a video gamer who plays with headphones: the CBJ cannon is making its way into NHL 16. (FOX Sports Ohio)

Nick Foligno reached out to both Brandon Saad and Gregory Campbell as soon as they joined Columbus. No word yet on if Kobe Bryant's teammates are still awkwardly checking their cell phones. (Sportsnet)

The book continues to be written on the NHL's youth movement, and how younger players are playing an increasing role when it comes to scoring. (TSN)

These two articles from The Leafs Nation nail a few key points. If Mark Hunter and/or Kyle Dubas are marginalized, hiring Lou Lamoriello is terrible. If the Leafs hire David Conte in a role which undermines Mark Hunter, "burn everything to the ground". (TLN and TLN)

At first I thought the idea of Devils' ownership being surprised was laughable, and that we were looking at Lamoriello having been forced out as GM earlier. But upon reflection, it does seem believable that Lou may have simply begun to chafe under the new set-up. (Fire and Ice)

The San Jose Sharks will have named a Captain before next season commences. If there are locker room dynamic troubles, how exactly will giving Joe Pavelski the C change that? Jumbo Joe is still there making Hertl uncomfortable. (ProHockeyTalk)

And finally, the Pittsburgh Penguins have hired Sam Ventura, otherwise known as one of the folks behind Click here to see my reaction if this means his website will shortly go the way of the dodo bird. (TribLIVE)

Thanks for reading!