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Alexander Burmistrov signs a two-year deal with the Winnipeg Jets

After waiting two years, Alexander Burmistrov has returned to the Jets.

Sean Rudyk/Getty Images

After two years in the KHL, Alexander Burmistrov returns to the NHL and Winnipeg Jets as he has signed with the Winnipeg Jets for two years. This means that he will be a restricted free-agent with arbitration rights at the end of his current contract.

This is great news for the Winnipeg Jets as Burmistrov should be a good third line player and could even be a good second line player for the Jets now. If Burmistrov and Adam Lowry can carry Drew Stafford on the third line and be a solid line for the Jets. This also means that the Jets have a pretty solid third line, but are still thin upfront.

Although this is a good move, it is fairly lateral as the Jets have lost Michael Frolik. Burmistrov should be able to fill in the defensive role of Frolik, but he has less of an offensive right now. Burmistrov could end up scoring more at the NHL level, which would be really good news for the Jets.

In all, this is a solid move for the Jets as it is said that they are keeping him and not dangling him as trade-bait. The fact that Burmistrov has the skill needed to play in Maurice's system and he should thrive, even if it is only as a third liner.

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