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Jets draft Erik Foley in the third round

The Jets went back to the USHL for the third round.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With the seventeenth pick in the third round, the Winnipeg Jets have drafted Erik Foley of the Cedar Rapid RoughRiders of the USHL. Foley is around a point per game player in the USHL. Foley seems like a decent prospect, but there is not much on him around the interwebs.

He is said to be an offensive winger, a position that the Jets have a bevy of thanks to recent draft picks. Foley is not the biggest player in the world, but he has decent size and plays a bit like a power forward. He has potential in the future. He is going to Providence College in the NCAA next year, which means the Jets will have 4 years to sign him.

In Lou We Trust has an in-depth scouting report on Foley that has more details about the type of player he is and what fans can expect from him in the future.