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The Winnipeg Jets draft Jansen Harkins 47th overall

The Winnipeg Jets take advantage of other teams' odd decisions and get a good one

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

With the 17th pick in the second round, the Winnipeg Jets have drafted Jansen Harkins from the Prince George Cougars. This is an excellent pick as he is a player who was expected to go in the first round by many experts. Although Harkins does not address the greatest need of the Jets by playing defence, in the draft a team should be looking to draft best player available and Harkins is probably that.

Harkins is defensively aware and capable of scoring, as one would hope a top prospect is. He broke out offensively, which is normal for players as they enter their 17 year old season. The Jets have been making a habit of jumping on other teams off the wall drafting this draft and they did so again here.

Habs Eyes on the Prize has an in-depth write-up about Harkins that will tell you more about the newest member of the Winnipeg Jets.