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Anthony Peluso re-signed for two years

What did Chevy do today?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets have announced they have re-signed potential restricted free-agent forward Anthony Peluso to a two year contract. According to Gary Lawless, the deal is worth $675 000 a year. This contract does not mean that Peluso has to be in the NHL because the cap hit will go away if he is sent down to the AHL as the maximum cap hit that can be buried without consequence is $925 000.

As for Peluso, his contract is redundant. He brings no new skill to the fourth line and requires sheltering which means that lines capable of producing offence get fewer offensive zone starts because the only way the fourth line can be less of a liability is if they start in the offensive zone. Add to that the fact Peluso did not play much post-trade deadline and there is reason to be confused by the signing.

If the Jets use Peluso in the AHL, this signing will mean very little. If the keep him in the NHL, especially if younger, more skilled players are ready to play in the NHL, the signing means a lot and makes even less sense than it does now.