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AHL Housekeeping: Name and staff announced for the Manitoba Moose

The Moose are back and they will not be trouble.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

To very little surprise, the Winnipeg Jets AHL affiliate that just moved back to Winnipeg is keeping the name of Winnipeg's former AHL team and will be called the Manitoba Moose. True North Sports and Entertainment have modified the colours slightly, switching the logo to the Jets colours. The base of the uniforms will also be based on the Jets uniforms and not the old colour scheme of the Moose of yesteryear.

In more team oriented news, the coaching staff all remains with the exception of Jason King who is remaining with the St. John's as the Director of Hockey Operations. This means that long-time Moose assistant coach Keith McCambridge will remain as the head coach of the franchise, while most of the staff remains in place alongside him.

This announcement is part one of an off-season of change for the Jets franchise. They are facing numerous decisions that will have serious implications for the future direction of the club. The franchise should have learned about the need to have real NHL depth at all positions. If they want to remain a good team, they need to have offensive depth available in the AHL in case of injury. That would mean that the need to call up Patrice Cormier would be null and void. The Jets keeping good NHLers for the NHL team and allowing young players to learn how to play against men in the AHL would probably be a sound strategy for them.

Until we know more about the Jets roster make-up there cannot be much speculation about the make up of the Manitoba Moose, but it will be highly dependent on what Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Winnipeg Jets do during Free Agency. Until then, enjoy the blue Moose.