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Pilot's Logbook: Michael Frolik

As the off-season starts up, we review the play of all the Jets players; next up is free-agent winger Michael Frolik.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports


Michael Frolik is a metaphorical swiss army knife on a hockey rink. He can play all three forward spots in a pinch and he can play on any line.  Anywhere you put him, he is unlikely to disappoint. This versatility is an incredible asset to both a coach and a hockey team.

This versatility is a byproduct of hard work and well above average hockey sense. That said, Frolik isn't without flaws. Michael is a stout defensive player and a top notch possession player. Frolik was second on the Winnipeg Jets in Corsi Relative this season. He was also second in raw Corsi, his weak point comes in the offensive zone.

Michael Frolik is a pure volume shooter. He puts pucks on net from everywhere. He isn't a savvy playmaker and he isn't a sniper by any stretch. Still, the net result with Michael Frolik is a player who can comfortably be relied upon to play top six minutes - in tough checking minutes - and still contribute a plus to his team. He won't make your team an offensive powerhouse, but he should contribute to more goals for than against.

The chart largely echos what was said above. High shot volumes with sub first line production - granted not by a lot. Strong defensive play and positive shot metrics. Frolik brings a number of desirable attributes to a hockey team. The fact that he can play either wing is a huge plus too.


Michael Frolik's future with the Winnipeg Jets will be more about him and Allan Walsh than what the Jets can do. Frolik is far and away the best of the Jets' pending UFAs - he is also likely to be the most in demand if he hits free agency. He won't necessarily be a great fit for a top-end team that is in a cap crunch, but any team that is looking to nurture young talent and ease their transition to the pro game should covet Michael Frolik. Frolik is also young enough to commit some term to.

If Frolik wasn't already a Jet, he would be the type of player that the Jets would be looking for on the open market. If his per year salary demands aren't out of line, Winnipeg Jets General Manager will make a deal happen. If Frolik and Walsh are strictly about the dollars, there may be a higher bidder elsewhere. Given how long they've had to negotiate and the fact there there is no deal -  Frolik probably walks. If he does, it'll suck.