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Preview: Jets. Avalanche. Pavelec.

The Jets are so so so so close to making the playoffs! SO CLOSE. Tonight's game could answer the "will they make it?" question. Will they? Is Pavelec ready? Is Thorburn ready to score again if no one else can?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are in Colorado tonight to take on the Avalanche as the regular season winds down. This game tonight has some huge implications for the Jets because if they win, they're in the playoffs. Another game that has huge implications for the Jets is the Kings/Flames game because if the Flames win they knock the Kings out for good and essentially hand the final wild card spot to the Jets.



Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

-Goaltending: Ondrej Pavelec has been on a whole other level when it comes to his goaltending as of late. He has been pretty phenomenal and seriously, I didn't expect him to be this good this season. He has had his struggles, but right now he's playing decent and he needs to keep that going for these last two games.

-Score a goal or two: In the last game only Chris Thorburn (blessed saint of beards and grit) scored a goal. That was okay for that game because Pavelec kept them in as they struggled to get more past Devan Dubnyk but it can't become a trend. Count on your goaltender to help you out, don't rely on him to make saves when you can't score.

-Penalties: In the last game, the Jets only managed to get a few minor penalties, which was a change from their usual 80 billion penalties for stupid things. As this is a pretty crucial game for them, they need to keep calm and not let any on ice antics rile them up.

Colorado Avalanche

-Goaltending: While I don't know if he's 100% in tonight, Semyon Varlamov has been excellent this season and getting past him could prove to be a challenge for the Jets, especially if they can't get things going.

-Get Snarky: Things could go south really quick if the Jets are antagonized into getting penalties. You have a team that's deperately trying to get a playoff spot here, Avalanche and they're going to be more focused than they have been before. Throw them off their game and make them angry.

-Not a clue: It's been a long season full of ups and downs and seriously with the Jets being this close to the playoffs I don't really want to get into how to beat them. Seriously, I don't want to put that out there into the universe so beyond the above usual tips, I'm not saying anything. So there.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Varlamov. Even if he's not in. Whenever you have the change to boo that turd, you boo that turd.


I've debated what to do with this as whenever I predict they'll win, they lose and vice versa. So....

One team: 3

Other team: 4