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Jets Gone Wild! Pavelec Gets a Shutout!

Jets beat the Wild tonight! Pavelec got a shut out! Scheifele scrapped with Coyle on various occasions! I didn't fall asleep or die of boredom!

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets beat the Wild tonight 2-0 and gave me a nice present as I lamented earlier on twitter that I hate recapping losses. Thanks Jets! Pavelec got himself a nice, shiny shut out for his efforts tonight and seriously, he was damn good out there. He robbed the Wild of a few goals and it was wonderful.

The first period was interesting as the Jets didn't come out as slow as they have been versus the Wild in previous match ups. Amazing what a little bit of playoff possibility can do for you, hey? Anyone recall that in the GDT I said that I had a good feeling about Blake Wheeler tonight?


Yes, Blake Wheeler opened the scoring tonight and I retain my title of Magical Hockey Queen of Whimsy.

The second period was equally magical for the Jets as Drew Stafford got a nice rebound off a Tyler Myers shot and potted the Jets second goal of the night.

The third period could have ended very poorly for the Jets as they appeared to grow tired. Some sloppy turnovers and poor decisions made could have easily let the Wild get a few goals of their own, but for Pavelec being stellar in net tonight.

Some Thoughts

1) There weren't as many penalties as I'd expected tonight to be honest. The Jets only took 3 penalties while the Wild got 4. Two of the Jets penalties went to Mark Stuart who had some challenges tonight.

2) One of the penalties went to Mr. Charlie Coyle who was just being a little turd out there tonight. At one point he tried to straight up murder Mark Scheifele.

Yeah, that's not okay at all. Very thankful that Scheifele wasn't hurt by that elbow.

3) Speaking of Scheifele, he had an amazing chance at a goal tonight that ended in his usual fashion.

I swear, when that kid learns how to stay on his own two feet more often, he's going to be a killer out there.

4) Drew Stafford had another awesome game tonight and if he keeps this up, I can see him getting a nice contract with the Jets for the next season. Tyler Myers (my love forever) was pretty awesome himself. Thank you Buffalo. Thank you.

5) Towards the end of the game things got really sketchy out there and for some reason the refs let this happen:

Luckily, Pavelec was on his game tonight and managed to keep calm in all that drama. An earlier whistle would have helped end this earlier though, I can't for the life of me figure out why the refs let this go on as long as they did, but whatever.

6) It's time for your check in with the Church of Corsi:

7) Mathieu Perreault kept giving me minor heart attacks throughout this game. First, he was slow to get off the ice after a shift in the first period, then in the third he was shaky after a play. I can't do another Perreault injury. Not this close to the playoffs. Please stahp.

8) I'd like to give some respect and admiration right now to Devan Dubnyk who started his 37th consecutive game tonight. He hasn't had a single game off since he was traded to the Wild in January from Arizona. That's pretty outstanding to be honest but what's even more outstanding is that his record for this stretch is 26-8-2 (including the loss tonight).

9) Four Jets had TOI higher than 20 minutes tonight: Tyler Myers (25:24), Jacob Trouba (23:57), Blake Wheeler (21:31) and Mark Stuart (20:16).

10) This first star was well deserved. I have not always been a huge supporter of Ondrej Pavelec, however tonight he showed once again that he can focus and play well. I just pray for consistency in his game. Please be consistently good, Pav. Please?