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JetStream Podcast: Episode 73

Proof that apparently I am not needed.

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Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's episode of the JetStream podcast... I really have no idea. I wasn't there, but the guys tell me this is the best episode yet. (Pfft. Doubtful)

I'm out in Ottawa (saw game 6, and my oh my do the Jets need to step up their pre-game festivities) so Neil and Joe took the reigns and talked about a bunch of stuff. They talk about Alex Ovechkin and how unbelievably amazing he is, the Katy Perry chants that the White Out produced, and some fun Twitter antics between hockey teams.

All that plus a rapid fire Spelling Bee, embellished player heights and apparently the jerks hate on me a whole bunch.

To listen to this clearly subpar episode of the podcast and listen to any other of the amazing episodes of the show you can:

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