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Preview: Jets. Ducks. GAME 2!

The Jets take on the Ducks in game two of the playoffs. I'm cautiously optimistic that they can win this one, but not optimistic enough that I'll actually predict that they'll win. Kesler is a meanie-pants.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets struggled in game one against the Ducks but tonight everything starts fresh again and hopefully they have solved some issues. That's the joy of playoff hockey, each game can be drastically different as the teams figure out each other a little bit more. I'm obviously hoping for a Jets win tonight, but that can only happen if they fix some stuff. Let's talk about that for a bit, shall we?

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

Penalties, Gentlemen. Penalties: Once again, as per usual, the penalties against the Jets were a large part of what caused the loss. In this game, I would say that being more mindful will be important but seeing as these are the Jets I'm talking about here, I'm going to say that the penalty kill must be on point tonight instead. The Ducks don't necessarily have a great power play and they still managed to score TWO power play goals last game. That is not okay at all. That makes me want to vomit a little bit and/or cry a lot.

Cooler Heads Prevail: Along with making sure the penalty kill is functional, trying not to get frustrated is important. I get it, the playoffs are a new animal for this group of Jets. There's a lot more pressure than they've likely had before as a group and tensions can run high, but trying to calm that down a bit will be helpful. Taking stupid retaliatory penalties (Thanks, Fefe) is not going to help you out especially with so much on the line.

Solve the Goblin Problem: Corey Perry is just a weird looking dude. One moment he looks like a little kid and is kind of oddly adorable, the next he morphs into some sort of fantasy goblin creature. Last game, Mr. Goblin scored himself some goals and was generally super effective on the ice for the Ducks. Figure out a way to make sure those blunders don't happen again whether it be icing different players against him and his fellow goblinites or not allowing him to get his feet moving. Ditto Getzlaf (who is also a weird looking dude)(Anaheim what is with you and the weird looking dudes?!).

Anaheim Ducks

KESLER, DAMMIT: Ryan Kesler is one of my enemies and is a total pesty little ratty face (and keep in mind that I'm a Bruins fan also and have seen Brad Marchand so you know I know what I'm talking about here). If I was a superhero and he was my villain, there would be some epic battles and whole cities would be destroyed in the process. That being said though, Kesler (and the aforementioned Goblin) were pretty effective last game at riling up the Jets and making them play frustrated. That is absolutely a key with this group of Jets, if you can get them angry they play stupid and make stupid decisions. Pick on Mark Scheifele. You've already got him mad from last game, poking at that bit of frustration that's surely still there will likely cause another meltdown.

Been there, done that: The Ducks already know what to do to get the win in this game because they did it last game. Seriously, One of the things they need to keep doing to win this whole series is always going to be throwing a lot of pucks at Ondrej Pavelec. While he has been pretty stellar as of late and is in no way the sole bearer of the loss, he is no Carey Price and eventually things will start to slip by him. They did last game.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

There's a whole troll cave in Anaheim just waiting for boos but given last game, I present to you Mr. Ryan Kesler.

Boo him often. He deserves it.


Jets 2

Ducks 3

Fefe has a meltdown.

Pavelec falls over and hurts himself.

Perry scores all the goals for Anaheim.

My reverse jinx holds true to fashion.