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Instant Recap: Anaheim Ducks Fly into the Winnipeg Jets Engine and Down the Plane

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets playoff ticket has been punched. The team also received stiff punch in the eye, dropping their opening game versus the Anaheim Ducks 4-2.

Less Than Ten Thoughts:

Captain Andrew Ladd had a bit of a rough go to start the game. His turnover resulted in a goal against and he was sloppy off and on there-after. That said, his line drew Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry for most of the game. They did great through the first 40 (after 40, the Bryan Little line was leading the Jets in Corsi while Perry and Getz were ranked last on the Ducks. This all unraveled in the third period.

Corey Perry took over the game in the third. He scored score a powerplay goal early and a strange goal late.

Getz also scored late. His goal also came on the powerplay. I hate both of these guys.

Ladd wasn't the only player to struggle through the first 20, the Jets were outplayed for stretches with the 4th line getting hemmed in the D zone a little too much. Pretty well everyone sucked from there out.

The second period started a little better for the Jets. They were controlling the play and took a lead. It didn't last though, the Ducks took over late and spent a load of shifts in the defensive zone. They never looked back. The game was all Ducks from the middle of the second.

Speaking of penalties, penalties were the Jets undoing again. They allowed two power play goals against a team that has a notably bad power play. The Jets need to play a cleaner game going forward.

Frustration. Mark Scheifele took a retaliatory penalty late in the second. He threw a punch a Ryan Kesler. I know that everybody wants to punch Ryan Kesler, but you can't do it in games this big. If Scheif has had enough now, how much will the frustration grow before the end of the series? Scheif is probably the last player you'd expect to collect such a PIM, but the rats have already got to him.

Broader notes. The Jets didn't play the kind of hockey we've seen them play all year. They were manhandled throughout. They should be able to bounce back.

Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom were at the center of the struggles. These D men tend to post positive possession numbers. They were bith crushed tonight. When two of your three D pairs get crushed, you will usually lose.

Ben Chiarot got plastered into the boards, late and from behind. The play probably could have been called for a late hot, or boarding or charging. It wasn't. Player "safety" is a funny concept in the NHL.

Holy crap. There were a lot of hits in that game.

I can't wait for game number two. I can wait for tomorrow’s overreactions though. Unfortunately, time won't allow this. My big morning decision will be talk radio or Kendrick Lamar. Which should I choose? Tell me in the comments section (80).