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Arctic Ice Hockey Staff Predictions

The staff has spoken and a majority says that the Winnipeg Jets will beat the Anaheim Ducks in the playoffs.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Overlord Tim: Jets in 6

Cara: Ducks in 6. Ondrej Pavelec is bound to implode soon and there is no better stage than the playoffs to do so. (Please be wrong Cara, please be wrong).

Ryan: Ducks in 6. The combination of a volatile Pavelec and the Jets inexperience works against them.

Breanne: Ducks in 5. (Play nice, now)

Justin: Jets in 6 because they will not win game 7 on the road.

Jacob: Jets in 7.

Travis: Jets in 6. The Jets match-up well against the Ducks, regular season record be

Matthew: Ducks in 7. The Ducks have lethal, timely scoring and the Jets physical

Trevor: Ducks in 7. Adam Lowry because the shit disturber Ryan Kesler wishes he still was.

Daniel: Jets in 7. The Jets are better than their record indicates and they are finally healthy.

Geoff: Jets in 6.

Garrett: Jets in 6. Goalies are random and Kesler is not who he used to be.

The comments are synopsis' of much longer ones that would have taken too long to type out or properly edit.