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JetStream Podcast: Episode 71


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Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are in!!!!

On this week's episode of the JetStream Podcast the guys breakdown the Winnipeg Jets first round matchup against the Anaheim Ducks including topics such as the upcoming White Out, how match ups could work out, the late game times and the health of Jet players.

The group then continues by making predictions and talking about all of the other first round playoff match-ups, before finishing the show off with our regular segments.

You can hear it all, watch it live, and catch up on older episodes by:

Be sure to follow the show on Twitter to stay up to date with everything JetStream related, as we are sure to have bonus playoff coverage as the Jets make take their run at the Stanley Cup. It will also keep you notified as to when the next live streaming of the show will be on the Periscope App!

Thank you all for listening!