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Cue the whiteout: Jets qualify for the playoffs

The Winnipeg Jets lost in a shootout to the Colorado Avalanche, but still secure their post-season berth.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets are now a playoff team.

Yes, they lost to the Colorado Avalanche 1-0 tonight, and are backing in thanks to a Calgary Flames win over the LA Kings, but right now, that doesn't matter. What matters is that the Jets are a post-season team for the first time since relocating from Atlanta, and are looking to notch their first ever post-season win next week.

The game? The Jets dominated much of the game, outshooting the Avs 41-21. Netminder reto Berra, though, put up a positively Pavelecian wall against the barrages he faced, including some excellent chances in the dying minutes of both regulation and OT.

The Avs had their own chances, and it's a shame a game like this had to come down to something as ridiculous as a shootout, but in the end, does it matter?



1. Ondrej Pavelec has now gone 187:05 without allowing a goal. I'm not sure even vegas would have taken that bet in October.

2. Anytime the first line wants to start scoring is fine by me.

3. Ditto the second line.

4. You, too, third line.

5. Seriously, Wheeler. You need to bury those chances next week.


7. The Jets have allowed 0 goals in the last 3 games. They've only scored 3, though. That just might need to improve vs. Anaheim.


9. 0 goals, and without both Enstrom and Byfuglien - the top two defensemen on the team. That makes this shutout streak even more impressive.