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Instant Recap: Toews'd down

It was closer than it should have been, but in the end the Jets pulled out a loss in the end.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The game starts with the Jets dominating against the Blackhawks and not cashing in on any chances. The real positive is that the Jets never gave the Hawks much of anything, which is really key to winning. Despite their superior play, the Jets allowed the loan goal of the first on the power play. With the way they played, they should have been up by 1 or more instead of trailing.

The second started with the Jets continuing their strong play. They managed to tie the game up, only to fall behind again before tying the game on the penalty kill and then taking the lead on the power play. Sometimes, nice things can be had in Winnipeg.

The Jets gave up the tying goal on a very unfortunant play that featured Tobias Enstrom losing his stick on an official and handing the puck over to Patrick Sharp on a break away. Tough stuff happens. And sometimes that tough stuff is allowing the game winning goal with seconds left to the hometown boy.

Ten Thoughts:

1. I promised a rainbow-pooping unicorn, so have one to start the recap.

2. Ten minutes in, the Blackhawks do not have a shot on goal and the Jets have three, yet this game does not feel like it is lacking. If games were low scoring, low shooting affairs like this, no one would care.

3. The Jets are getting good scoring chances, but those chances are on the sticks of their worst players. They may be up a goal or two if they simply played those players on the fourth line instead of the third line.

4. The Hawks are in a Wildcard spot as opposed to a top three spot right now, and watching them you can see why. They are dumping the puck in and just don't seem as good as they used to be.

5. The Winnipeg Jets have the craziest sequence of life on the power play. They have a 2-0 against them and then bounce back to score a goal on the power play. The goal was a somewhat broken play and that may be the only way the Jets score on the power play anymore.

6. Blake Wheeler is a really good at killing penalties because he is big, smart, and skilled. The last part may be the most important because the power play cannot cheat with him on the ice. He has the ability to beat them clean.

7. If you look at all the talent the Hawks have traded away since they won their first Stanley Cup, you would start to see why they are not the team they once were. On the Jets alone there is Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, and Michael Frolik. So thanks Chicago for the talent.

8. The Hawks are not playing like a team that just fell into the Wild Card and are in a slightly less than comfortable position. The Jets are pushing hard still, which is really good news.

9. Hockey is really weird game as the officials are on the field of play. I guess Enstrom could have just taken the body there, but bad breaks are bad and all you can hope is that it doesn't change the season.

10. Mathieu Perreault is still on the fourth line at the end of the game. Something something Jim Slater something something.