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JetStream Podcast: Episode 61

A weeknight recording, a full moon, and the guys were pumped with caffeine. Things got crazy.

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Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing you regular listeners know, it's that the weeknight recordings of the JetStream Podcast are always...interesting (to say the least). This one was no exception.

On this week's episode of the JetStream Podcast, the guys kick things off discussing upcoming changes to the NHL website, and what it may mean for the average fan. The group then takes one final kick at the hotdog/sandwich can before continuing on to answer a few of your questions!

All that plus a great team of the week, your weekly spelling bee, and a fun new tool that was developed for stats folk last week.

You can hear it all and catch up on older episodes of the show by:

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Thanks for listening!