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Jets LOSE as the Maple Leafs Apparently Refuse to Commit to the Tank

In which Mark Stuart makes bad decisions, Mark Scheifele falls over a lot, James Van Riemsdyk refuses to give in to the Leafs fans tank plans and I almost die.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost in overtime to the Maple Leafs tonight. At least they got a point out of the deal.

In other news, I have a massive headache (staring at this screen is about to make me deposit my supper on my keyboard)(you're welcome for that stunning visual) so I've crowdsourced the entire recap from twitter and the GDT. So, essentially you guys wrote this thing! Yay you!

Ten Thoughts

1) When he wasn't falling over as per usual, Mark Scheifele didn't look terrible out there. Here's his goal:

He also came thisclose to scoring in overtime which would have been awesome.

2) I know he's a Leaf and they beat the Jets and bloo bloo bloo whatever, but I am in love with Leo Komarov's goal here. In love.

3) Did you notice Dustin Byfuglien? I did a bit but only when he was beating people up and getting into scraps.

4) These made me giggle a lot. I quite enjoy Phil Kessel for a variety of reasons.

5) This is concerning:

I still quite enjoy Michael Hutchinson and feel more confident with him in net than Ondrej Pavelec, but this little info is a little disconcerting. Here's hoping the wheels don't fall completely off for him.

6) I rather enjoyed Carl Klingberg tonight. I don't think he was the worst out there and he got some things accomplished.

7) Mark Stuart did very bad things out there tonight and it made the internet angry. I realize that Steve Dangle is a Leafs fan and all, but these next few tweets are so accurate that I couldn't resist including them.

Taking a penalty at the very end of the third period when your team is in a tie causing your team to enter overtime a man down?

8) Michael Frolik had a pretty goal that made my heart happy.

9) I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Tyler Myers. I can't explain it. I just find that I'm absolutely loving watching him on this Jets team. Thank you Buffalo. Thank you so much for the gift of a shiny giant monster man.

10) I find that I am still holding onto the tiniest scraplet of hope that the Jets will make the playoffs. Am I am just clinging to a dream? Anyway, thanks for bearing with me through this folks. I'm going to go lie down in a dark room and sleep. I can't tell what's making me more nauseous, the Jets or the headache. Perhaps they're connected somehow?

Super Special Overtime Thought

So many of the fighting tonight.