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The Winnipeg Jets Fuel Up, Beat the Edmonton Oilers in the Shootout 5-4

In honour of Louis Riel Day, I watched the Jets game through the eyes of the Red River Rebellion

Celebrating a key victory against the government
Celebrating a key victory against the government
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The year is 1870. The battle lines were drawn when the Government of Canada (Edmonton Oilers) entered the bastion of the West where the inmates run the asylum. Under fearless leader Louis Riel, the Western settlers (Winnipeg Jets) are ready to defend their turf. The battle begins. The West has the advantage early, but Canada hits hard and is able to bunny-punch out a couple victories.

The battle continued on as the day waned, with the Government of Canada able to withstand the constant barrage from the Metis forces, but the relentless attack finally led to waned forces and the ceding of an important stronghold. As the crews retired for the night, the Metis held the advantage. They were winning the battle, could they win the war?

Early in the third day the government pulls a sneak attack and gets through and scores another victory, but their defences are shaky. The Metis mount a comeback, only to lose ground. The losses are starting to pile up for the Metis as they lose another man on injury. As time ticks down they weather the storm until the sweet relief of darkness. This darkness allows them to re-emerge ready for another day. No ground is made up, but eventually they are able to pull through and leave with their land ruled by the leaders they elected.

10 Thoughts

1. The Metis troops suffer their first blow of the night when a young warrior exits the battlefield with an apparent leg injury. Another loss is suffered when Drew Stafford joins him, injured as well. This does not bode well for future battles when depth in the ranks is needed.

2. The Metis troops make a gutsy attack on the North West Mounted Police's headquarters while the police are out patrolling. The men away make all the difference as the troops are able to blindside and score a victory against the NWMP. Bryan Little

3. The NWMP have gotten reinforcements from the government of Canada and are putting them to good use. Not one, but two victories for the government with help from international friends.

4. Young recruit Oscar Klefbom has been an impressive part of the Government of Canada's forces. Again, a young international recruit who came to Canada in search of an adventure.

5. The Metis troops will not go down easy. They swarm the government forts, but cannot beat the final defence. The forts are holding strong, can Riel's men get through?

6. Little manages to break through the Government of Canada defences again after young upstart Ben Chiarot is able to move the weaponry into position.

7. The little runner for the government (Ryan Nugent-Hopkins)has penetrated the Western defences and managed to sneak behind the Metis' defences and scores again.

8. But the Metis respond by having their scout (Tyler Myers) shooting the artillery and he manages to break through again.

9. As time ticks down fatigue is beginning to set in and young Yakupov breaks through, and the Metis fearless leader Andrew Ladd responds for the Metis.

10. This one needs more time and when that does nothing the troops decide to go to a standoff. Armed with little more than rocks, the Metis use their superior trench system to defeat the government and rule their land as they see fit.