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Preview: Jets vs. Oilers

The Jets are home to the Oilers tonight. Happy Louis Riel day, you Manitoba folks! Happy Family Day to all those who are in Alberta, like myself! Happy Jets Beat Oilers Day to all!

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Tonight the Jets make a quick pit stop at home to take on the Oilers before heading back out on the road for a couple of games.

The Oilers recently shocked the hockey world by beating the Montreal Canadiens, proving that miracles can happen if you try hard enough and luck into some doomsday apocalypse scenario. After this win, they promptly lost their next game and all was well with the world. Cows stopped spinning in the field, the plague of locusts ended and all the fire and brimstone was put away until a later date.

The Jets had one heck of a time at the end of the last month winning games, but it appears that they have gotten through whatever slump was keeping them down and are functioning like a better team. The new additions to the team made some excellent life choices in the last game and everyone was all "Kane and Bogosian what? Who?" Okay, maybe that's a little bit too far, but it was nice to see Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers get out there and contribute. The Jets are looking more and more like a real hockey team every time I've seen them lately and that is a good thing.

At stake today is two lovely points. The Oilers are not making the playoffs and for the Jets to give them these two points when they themselves are actually in the race for the playoffs would be a tragedy. In order to put a bit more space between them and the next closest team (Calgary, 3 points back)(Wait.... Calgary?!) picking up these points tonight will be a good idea.

My heart weeps for Andrew Ference and Ben Scrivens.

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

I don't even know what to say here. It's the Oilers, people. So, instead of keys to the game, here are some facts about the Oilers:

Ben Scrivens was recently put on IR for a groin/hamstring/leg/lower body injury so I checked in with Copper & Blueto find out who their starting goalie is and they state it's Viktor Fasth. That is a fact about this game.

Rob Klinkhammer (which is a super fun last name) will not play tonight as his wife is expecting their child any moment now. Welcome to the world, baby Klinkhammer! Sorry about your dad's team, little one.

Last time the Jets faced the Oilers, it took overtime to figure things out. The Jets should focus on not letting that happen tonight because that is embarrassing for all of us. Not "Habs lost to the Oilers" embarrassing, but still.

In the Oilers last loss (7-2 to the Ottawa Senators), this is a thing that happened as reported by Fox Sports:

Viktor Fasth gave up three goals on 15 shots against the Senators and was replaced by Richard Bachman, who gave up four goals in his first NHL action since Nov. 2, 2013.

If I had to pick keys to the game, it would be simply these:

1) Shoot the puck at the net.

2) Be aware that this team is called the Edmonton Oilers.

3) Use the size of Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers to confuse and/or frighten them.

4) I'd say don't take stupid penalties but since I know you're going to anyway, don't let them capitalize on any chances they're given.

Edmonton Oilers

Don't do this:

(h/t to

Or this:

(h/t HFBoards user NAF)

Or this:


Player to Boo Mercilessly

Oh, I don't even know. It feels wrong kicking a dog when it's down, doesn't it?


Oh, okay. Good. Boo Taylor Hall. Boo his chipmunk cheeks. Boo his boyband hairdo. Boo his actual skill being lost in this nightmare team. Boo.


Jets - 4

Oilers - 1

(but like, not a pretty one. A weird one that bounces just right and goes in and is almost called back but the refs feel bad and give it to them anyway.)