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Recap: Winnipeg Jets Buff out a win over the Minnesota Wild

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

In an ever important divisional game, four points were on the line as the Winnipeg Jets played host to tge Minnesota Wild

Ten Thoughts:

Puck possession favored the Jets in a big way tonight. Possession keys the Jets early season success, but dipped a little. It is back! They Jets have handily out-possessed 4 of their last 6 opponents and sawed off in the other two outings. This is a good sign regardless of the points accumulated.

Speaking of puck possession, Jacob Trouba did this a lot. He dominated according to the shot metrics and he quite literally skated circles are the entire Wild team. 1 vs 5. If Trouba is the 1, bet on Trouba.

Seriously guys, Jacob Trouba was flipping incredible at times tonight. Dang. Love this kid's potential.

The forwards largely cruised the Wild too with everybody but the 4th line comfortably in the plus at the end of regulation. The second and third lines were especially dominant.

Speaking of the Jets' 4th line, they said "Hi" in the third period. It led to a pile of sloppy play and a goal against. It was ugly.

Back to the good - Adam Lowry looks to be getting better by the game. He is playing possession plus hockey. He is incredibly smart and strong defensively and he appears to be getting more comfortable in the offensive zone. He didn't do anything mind blowing tonight, but he is trying things he wouldn't have to start the year and they are working.

Also in the good was Michael Hutchinson. The Jets handily out-played the wild, but Hutch was still forced to make a number of nice saves. In the end he stopped 29 of the 30 shots he faced despite a few close calls. That'll do.

Speaking of goalies, Devan Dubnyk was dang strong again tonight. He was a great pick up by the Wild and could be a thorn in the Jets' side for a while.

#BuffNorris? #BuffSelke? Give him both. That goal to win it in OT was incredible.

Shout out to Chris Thorburn for looking good. This is not a joke.