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AIH Superfans Podcast - Episode 17 - Jacob Trouba is NOT a 3rd-Pairing D-man!

The Superfans return to the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) after taking last weekend off, so there was plenty of Winnipeg Jets content to discuss. Tune in, would ya?

After taking a much needed breather last weekend, the Superfans reconvened at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) to discuss all that is going in in Winnipeg Jets-land, as the team has gone 3-4-0 over that span. Did we mention that Connor Hellebuyck has all 3 of those wins? You bet we did.

On top of that, we spent all sorts of time discussing the current state of the Jets, who's 13-13-2 record has them firmly planted in 6th-spot in the Central and outside of the playoffs. The Andrew Ladd & Dustin Byfuglien situations were a major topic again, as was Jacob Trouba (who IS NOT a 3rd-pairing d-man!!) who will be pushing his contract talks to next summer. Did we mention that Connor Hellebuyck has all of the wins for the team lately? And what is wrong with the Moose?

These topics, and more, on episode 17 below:

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