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Game #28 Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs Chicago Blackhawks

The River City vs The Windy City on a late Sunday afternoon!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Whew!  After a victorious back and forth home game against the Washington Capitals, the Winnipeg Jets pack up shop, hit the airport and cruise over to Chicago for a Sunday showdown at sundown.  The Chicago Blackhawks however, are licking their wounds over a overtime loss against the Ottawa Senators on Thursday.  The Blackhawks will be fresh after a few days rest, and will be looking to get back into the win column against a division rival.

Keys to the Game: Winnipeg Jets:

The Jets did alot of things right when taking on the Washington Capitals, and quite frankly, it was very refreshing to see, considering the November-to-not-remember the team recently experienced.  The overall team and structure of play was good, and discipline seemed to be at the a forefront (albeit a few exceptions).  Quality goaltending was not only key, but kept the team in the game, and allowed for the team to concentrate on offense.  In short, do the things that made the team successful against the Capitals again against the Blackhawks, and the team should be successful. Skate, get on the puck, watch the elbows and stick work, and hit 'em hard.

Keys to the Game: Chicago Blackhawks:

I would say the Blackhawks are in a bit of a funk, if you will.  In the last three games, the Blackhawks have experienced overtime losses against the Kings and Senators, and a regulation loss against the Wild.  The Blackhawks are playing very good hockey, and I'm sure the team and coaching staff have been scouring over game footage in order to recognize what needs to be tweaked, if anything at all.

Player to Boo Mercilessly:

Patrick Kane is a player for the ages and is set to to break a long time record originally set by "The Golden Jet" Bobby Hull.  If he gets a point against the Jets, he'll do it.  While I support Kane in his quest to break the record, he's still playing against the Jets who I hope play spoiler.


The Jets 2-1 in a face paced, back and forth game.  Lowry and Perrault the goal scorers for the Jets.  Kane with the lone goal for the Blackhawks.