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Wings Clipped By Jets 4-1

Datsyuk the Shutout Slayer strikes again.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The stars were aligned tonight for the Winnipeg Jets. At home (11-5-1), against a non Central Division team (10-7-2) and against an Eastern Conference team (8-4-2). Purely based off of trends it seemed likely the Jets would pull out a win. However not many expected a 4-1 clipping of the Detroit Red Wings.

For the final game of 2015 the Jets take on Jets 1.0 in the desert to kick off a Western Conference road trip before returning home on January 10th to face the Sabres.

Some Thoughts:

  • Chris Thorburn is looking more and more out of place on that third line. Would it be hard enough to put Joel Armia in that place? Nikolaj Ehlers would definitely benefit.
  • Putting Jacob Trouba beside Dustin Byfuglien has done wonders for the kid. His play has skyrocketed since the move and it can only go up.
  • Kyle Connor STILL has not gotten a single penalty call against him this season at Michigan. Time to sign him to a contract? (Take courtesy of our friend Garrett Hohl of JetsNation)
  • The Jets are undefeated without Scheifele, time to trade? (sarcasm)
  • I'm still fangirling over Datsyuk. No matter how many times I watch him play.
  • Never realized until writing this that the Jets changed their goal song to "Shout". Any prior complaints were about the previous song.

Give us your thoughts of tonight's game down below in the comments! Hottest take wins a prize!