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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs Columbus Blue Jackets

A few days off and the Jets come out flying, with a 6-4 win over the Tortorellas.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had a few days off, allowing the team time to unwind a bit, nurse some bumps and bruises, and walk the runway for a good cause.  Now it's back to work on the first of a back to back, with tonight's opponent being the Tortorellas!

A few thoughts...

1.  The Jets come out with guns a blazing! -  Mark Scheifele, Adam Lowry, and Dustin Byfuglien score in the first period for the Jets.  This is quite refreshing, as the Jets typically get scored on first, then spend the remainder of the game playing catch up.  Speaking of Lowry...

2.  Get that monkey off my back! - That has to be a big relief, as it seems like an eternity the last time Adam Lowry has scored (last season as a matter of fact).  Hard work by Anthony Peluso lead to the goal, so some praise has to be sent in his direction too.

3.  A freight train called Stuart! - I'm on the fence about Mark Stuart's play.  At least once a game, he goes for the big hit and mostly leaves his teammates hanging.  This time, he connects on a Columbus' Karllson, and draws a reaction penalty from a Columbus' Campbell, leading to a Dustin Byfuglien power play goal.  I'm still on the fence...

4.  Speaking of D! - Only good things to say here as the Jets D kept hings reasonably contained in front Connor Hellebuyck!  Myers, Trouba and Byfuglien jumped up on the play, while Enstrom, Chariot and Stuart kept things  reasonably grounded, minus a few miscues.

5.  "Big, Boring & Goofy" Connor Hellebuyck - OK, the Jets have a problem, and a good one at that.  Connor Hellebuyck is the goalie of the Winnipeg Jets future, but is the future now?  What to do?  Chevy has some thinkin' to do, but a Pavelec/ Hellebuyck combo going forward maybe the ticket to punch.  Or does Hellebuyck go down to the Moose and the Jets continue with Pavelec/ Hutchinson?  Or is Pavelec jettisoned and the Jets continue with Hellebuyck/ Hutchinson.  My my, quite the conundrum.

6.  Statler & Waldorf, keep up the good work!  However, I did miss the giant "Torts" head behind the Blue Jackets' bench.  To the owner of the giant "Torts", I was looking forward to you creating havoc behind the bench.  If you're reading this, you were missed!

7.  Remember Grasshopper...Discipline! -Wheeler takes 2 penalties in the first two periods, while Enstrom takes a hooking penalty late in the second period, resulting in a Columbus' Hartnell goal and evaporating a 2 goal lead.  In the third, Ehlers takes a hooking penalty with 5 mins left, forcing the Jets to defend against a power play with a two goal lead.

8.  Dr. Stafford!  Paging Dr. Stafford! - Drew Stafford needs to take up some superstitions.  Avoid walking on sidewalk cracks for a while.  Think twice about crossing black cat's paths, or running with scissors under ladders while holding an opened umbrella indoors, or whatever!  He had a few good chances, and if the jinx was off his game, he'd have as many goals as Scheifele by now.  Keep it up Perreault, Scheifele, and Stafford!  Good things are coming! (No sooner did I finish writing this, and Stafford scores! :))

9. I'll take "Who should be switched up on the third line" for $200, Alex - The line of Ehlers, Burmistrov and Thorburn were rather inneffe...okay, Perreault just scored for his 4th point of the night.  See, told ya!  Okay, where were we?  Oh yeah!  With the monkey off Lowry's back, maybe switching up Lowry for Thorburn could generate some offense for the third line, while giving the 4th line a rock em' sock ' em role.  Just a suggestion.

10.  The Jets kill a penalty, then defend against 6 on 5 with 2 mins and 30 seconds left.  Hellebuyck snuck out the left pad on a Columbus' Dubinsky deke.  Columbus' Atkinson scores and we have a 5-4 game with a minute 20 left.  Yikes!  As Dennis Beyak just said, "there's some nailbiting in the building!".  Blake Wheeler scores into the empty net  with 40 seconds left, albeit a potential offside.  6-4 Jets is the final.

Off to Chicago for a Friday night tilt!  until then, have a good night.