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Instant Recap: Flyers flop, still win. Jets crash and burn.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets arrived back home just in time to fight cancer and I finished supper fast enough to catch the entire game until my dad decided that he wanted to watch HGTV more then he wanted to watch the Jets. With the Philadelphia Flyers in town to play them

Ten Thoughts:

1. New defensive pairings and a stranger are playing for the Jets tonight. It is a good thing that Jacob Trouba gets released from Mark Stuart because he was starting to play a bit too much like Stu and that is not good. Paul Postma also gets to remind everyone that he exists and is playing in his first game of the season. Not bad changes for the Jets defence as things were starting to looking

2. Nikolaj Ehlers uses his skill to do things. While he might not always end up scoring with his pretty moves, but he will do things like draw penalties or create chances that will lead to goals and the like. Of course all of this commentary came out because he drew a penalty with his skill.

3. "Take his eyes away" is a really weird phrase to use. Do they want an eye-snatcher to take his eyes? Scratch his eyes so he cannot see? Anyways, the only puck that got by Michael Neuvrith was a late shot from Dustin Byfuglien so maybe the Jets should fix that.

4. The Flyers have struggled defending this year, but they seem to have found a decent way to defend in Winnipeg: have the puck more or so it feels like it. Also Ehlers is awesome.

5. Hard to see if the hit on Wheeler by RJ Umberger was a hit to the head or not, but it was definitely interference. Did Ladd absolutely need to fight Umberger? No, more because Ladd is better then Umberger and only people like Peluso should be fighting the wonderfully useful Umberger.

6. Pretty sure that Sam Gagner has been in the NHL for a million years, is in his prime and will never have a better season then when he was a rookie. That's says a lot. Also, he was a part of the Edmonton Oilers first rebuild. I think they are on their third rebuild now.

7. The Jets look discombobulated offensively. They just look slower then the Flyers to every loose puck, which is not a good look. They are outshooting the Flyers and out possessing them in a big way, which is worth something.

8. The "good game" list in this one was short. Neuvirth was strong, but nobody else really stood out. Nobody on either team.

9. The second Flyers goal came after some really weird netminding by Ondrej Pavelec. I guess the crease is just a suggestion.

10. That was a horrible game to watch. The Jets out-possessed, but they were also very sloppy. Deflections were just off, pucks were jumping over sticks. Nothing worked as it normally would. Rough game. No luck and a good goalie in the opposing net. Not much more to say than "that sucked."