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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets at Colorado Avalanche

The Winnipeg Jets flew into Colorado to play the Avalanche and then this happened.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Colorado Avalanche for the second time in a week and that is really bad news for the Jets. It is almost the turdburger type of news for the Jets. They should be able to handle the Avs easily and they have to if they are going to keep pace with the heavy-hitting St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars. This is not good.

The Jets are a .500 team and not a good looking one at that. This is bad and may not get better until the Jets figure out their defence. Until then, we shall keep on getting the turdburger as fans.

Ten Thoughts

1. The Jets defence has not been playing like a turdburger and that theme has continued in this game. Thankfully the Avalanche are bad enough that the Jets do not spend much time in their own zone so adventures in defence should not be much of a thing in this game.

2. Adam Pardy is not an everyday defenceman and it showed on his turnover to Blake Comeau on that goal. If Pardy had made the decision to pass instead of dangle the turnover to Comeau that went past Michael Hutchinson into the back of the net. The defence remains looking like a turdburger. This does not buoy well for the Jets.

3. Again with the turdburger defence. The Jets need to sort out their zone because that was bad. Bryan Little did his job perfectly but Tyler Myers lost his man and much like Pardy's turnover his mistake led to a goal against. The Jets defence seems to be back to the form they have been in all season. That is a bad sign.

4. The Jets are actually playing quite well offensively, but their defensive play is still like a turdburger. Case in point the entire sequence that led to the Avs third goal. Nathan MacKinnon getting a clean breakaway from the blueline is. Just horrible defence. And then Hutchinson lost his stick and no one gave him one. And then there was another neutral zone turnover and then the Avs scored again. Just bad.

5. You know what is not a turdburger? Goal-scoring! And the Jets have learned that so you go Glen Coco, you go. Actually you go Andrew Ladd and Jacob Trouba, you go. And Blake Wheeler and Alex Burmistrov. That was the type of thing one should do when you are killing a penalty. Keep it up.

6. Can we name the Nikolaj Ehlers/Alex Burmistrov duo the Dangling Duo? They are handcuffed by Chris Thorburn, but what can you do? That line is not a turdburger and it is because of those two.

7. The Jets were starting to look like they would even the score when they became victims of a bad bounce that resulted in another turdburger goal. This one was a save, a butt hit and then over the net as Hutchinson flailed helplessly as the puck careened over him. Just a total turdburger bounce for the Jets and it wrecked all the momentum they had built up.

8. Nathan MacKinnon being watched by Mark Stuart leads to the worst type of turdburger moments one can live through because you see it developing and there is nothing that can be done about it. Just the worst.

9. How many turdburgers is it when you ice the puck on the power play? I feel like one turdburger is not enough for that level of failure. What do you fine people feel like.

10. Final thought: Blake Comeau's defence on Jacob Trouba's second goal was a total turdburger effort. What else can we call a butt slide into the boards? Twas some beautiful defence from Comeau.