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AIH 20416 Podcast Episode 10: The Arizona Juggernaut Is Coming

Milestones were reached, arenas discussed and non-Winnipeg goaltenders thrown under the bus. This is the AIH 20416 podcast!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Recorded the day after Winnipeg's 3-2 victory over Phoenix Arizona, your terrible duo of Alan and I were raring to go, but first we had to sort out whether it was Episode 10 or 11. In our intro, we gave credit to Scoreburn without any hesitation whatsoever, discussed the Travis Hamonic situation, and Alan allowed us a glimpse into his Evander Kane sadness.

Joining us this week was Brendan Porter, the Managing Editor of SB Nation's source for all things Coyotes, Five For Howling. Needless to say, Alan may have brought up our shared sports history once or twice. Brendan was good enough to tell us of the team's improved financial footing, and how the relocation conversation has changed from looking outside the state to various options within the Phoenix area. As it turns out, having significant debt coupled with a small tax base has been a bit of an issue for the City of Glendale!

Having run the off-ice gamut, we moved on to happier, on-ice matters. The importance of Dave Tippett, Shane Doan and his eventual successor as veteran role model, why the Arizona Coyotes with all their young forward talent coming down the pipeline won't be the next Edmonton Oilers, and much, much more. Alan couldn't resist bringing up the spectre of Teemu Selanne, while I managed to have our guest say numerous nice things about John Scott!

Of course, this being me, I asked both the Brandon Gormley and Mark Visentin questions all you folks were dying to hear answered. And before bringing Alan face-to-face with the idea of future top-six forward Chris Thorburn, I apparently say the most controversial thing ever: that the Arizona forward prospect pool in its entirety is better than Winnipeg's. Before throwing tomatoes at my head, give it all a listen!

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PS: No but seriously, the Arizona Coyotes forward corps is going to be exceedingly good in the not-too-distant future.