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AIH Superfans Podcast - Episode 16: In the Hamonic of Time?

The Jets returned home from that disastrous four-game road trip and posted back-to-back wins on home ice. But with Pavelec now out, how do things look going forward? The Superfans discuss these things!

The Superfans reconvened at the Fox and Fiddle (456 Main St.) on Sunday night to discuss the Winnipeg Jets and their two-game home winning streak following their 0-4 Central Division road trip. Tim, Papi, Kat and Arby were there, and the only thing able to douse some of the hot takes was the pitcher of beer in the middle of the table.

Topics discussed this week were the aforementioned winning streak, the injury to Ondrej Pavelec and the door being opened for Connor Hellebuyck to shine, the demotion of Nic Petan, and of course the Travis Hamonic situation.

Episode 16 is below. Click below. Boom.

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