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Jets Howling For More Wins

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

They did it! They finally got a win against the Canucks, and a convincing one at that. But currently we all can't stop talking about the chance of trading for Travis Hamonic. Look, my two extinct pennies, one or both of Byfuglien and Myers will have to go to get him in either a straight up player for player trade or package. You're not trading Trouba, because you, as an organization have publicly gone on record saying you aren't going to trade young players and give up on them. Trouba is merely in a slump in my opinion any way. To get back on track regarding the Jets play, I think we can all agree that hopefully that awful slump was an outlier and that the win against Vancouver is a return to form. With the amount of points they gave up during that stretch, the Jets are now right outside a playoff spot. Back three points to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Winnipeg Jets

Stafford finally turned it on last game with two goals along with Mark Scheifele. We have to all hope that this will be a sign of him returning to the same form that we saw at the beginning of the season with his point production. Pavelec will get the nod again tonight (it isn't official as of the writing of the article), since he looked great against Vancouver after both him and Hutchinson were abysmal during the losing streak. I still don't like the line of Ehlers-Burmistrov-Thorburn, Well, mostly, okay, JUST the Thorburn part. Nicolas Petan was finally sent down to the Manitoba Moose after flip flopping between fourth line duty and the press box. No one was brought up as his replacement yet, which makes you wonder if a trade is in fact, imminent.

Arizona Coyotes

I remember watching the 2013 draft and seeing the pain and frustration on the faces of Chevy and Co. when the Coyotes drafted Max Domi. Well, we've all seen why they were. He has been lights out since the beginning of the season and with the loss of McDavid he seems to have a clear path to snag the Calder Trophy this season. God, just typing this is making me frustrated too. He would look so good in our top 6 right now. Ugh. Mike Smith continues to put up below average goaltending numbers as he currently sits at a .901 SV% and a 3.10 GAA. The Coyotes currently sit in eighth place in the Western conference, ahead of the Jets by one point.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Max Domi. Mostly because his dad, Tie Domi, played for the 1.0 Jets. Does anyone else remember that Pizza Hut ad with him in it?


Mike Smith is hot garbage, Jets win 4-1 and continue the rough climb back into a playoff spot.