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AIH Superfans Podcast - Episode 15: Is this Rock Bottom?

After taking a week off, the Superfans are back just in time to try and dissect what has gone wrong in Jetsville. Are there any positives to are found right now? Well, we try to find them!

After taking a breather last weekend, the Superfans reconvened at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main Street) right when the Winnipeg Jets needed us. Because since they apparently can't figure out what the problem is with their struggling squad, we figured we'd help!

The Jets are struggling mightily in November, posting a 1-5-1 record and having lost 4 in a row as of this recording. So what's gone off the rails? Ryan, Kat, Tim and Papi discuss what's happened to the goaltending, the poor defensive playy that's resulted in all sorts of breakaways and odd-man rushes, the struggles of some sophomores & highly paid players, and what the heck can be done to turn his plane around.

And the #askthesuperfans segment resulted in some interesting questions, such as "is this rock bottom?" Well, is it?

So here it is: Episode 15 of the AIH Superfans.

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